1 Dead And 10 Injured In Two Shootings At Memphis

According to the Memphis Police Department, authorities are appealing for the public’s assistance in identifying the perpetrators of two gunshots that left one person dead and 10 others injured.

At around 12:43 on Sunday morning, officers in Memphis discovered two shooting victims at Live Lounge, where they were rushed to a hospital in critical condition, according to authorities.

According to police, five other shooting victims were driven by a private vehicle to local hospitals in non-critical condition.

Officers found more shooting victims close by while still at the Live Club site.

Police discovered three additional victims who were rushed to a hospital in severe condition along with a dead male victim.

1 Dead And 10 Injured In Two Shootings At Memphis
1 Dead And 10 Injured In Two Shootings At Memphis

By Sunday afternoon, five of the ten injured people had been discharged from the hospital, according to a tweet from the police department. The statement stated that all five victims who were not in life-threatening condition had been removed from the hospital. The five further victims are still in serious condition.

Although no suspect has been detained, police claim they believe the two incidents are related.

Memphis police tweeted that there is no “concrete description of the suspect(s)”.

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The circumstances surrounding the shootings are unknown, and it is also unknown whether the gunman or shooters knew the victims.

Call CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County at 901-528-CASH if you have any information (901-528-2274)

The Gun Violence Archive reports that there have been 78 mass shootings in the US in less than two months. The non-profit organization defines mass shootings as incidents in which four or more individuals, excluding the shooter, were shot.

The news about One person is dead and 10 people are injured in two gunshots in Memphis, according to police. The murderer has not been found as per CNN.

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