1000-Lb. Best Friends:  Despite Significant Weight Reduction, Vannessa Cross Receives Approval For Skin Removal Surgery

According to Intouch Weekly: Significant achievement. 1000-Lb. Vannessa Cross, star of Best Friends, received approval for skin removal surgery despite her drastic weight loss.

On the season 2 finale episode of the TLC program airing on Wednesday, March 8, 44-year-old Vannessa complained about feeling uncomfortable due to her extra skin while at the doctor’s.

She confessed in a confessional, “After I lost the weight, my vag is all just skin,” revealing that there is a lot of loose flesh between her legs. “These enormous, old, fat balls make it appear as though I have a three-inch penis.”

1000-Lb. Best Friends
1000-Lb. Best Friends

Vannessa spoke with Dr. Amy Alderman about getting a panniculectomy. During the surgery, the abdomen’s stretched-out, extra fat, and protruding skin are removed. A mentoplasty, which removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the mons pubis, was also mentioned to her.

Vannessa can also have a lower body lift, which involves combining excess skin all over the lower half of the body, the plastic surgeon continued.

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The reality star confessed, “They’re going to have to cut all the way around. “It’s right now kind of inexplicable because of the sheer fact that I don’t understand chopping my entire body in two.”

Vannessa emphasized that she would carry out the procedure despite her reservations. She said, “It is scary when she talks to me about it.

Alderman clarified that Vannessa will get a Brachioplasty, also known as an armed lift, and a breast lift as the doctor’s appointment went on. Vannessa was rendered speechless when the doctor folded her skin to demonstrate how her arm would appear following the treatment and said that it would resemble “a conventional arm.”

She informed the creators, “I’ve never in my life pictured myself looking like that. “Leave alone, it’s a real possibility now.”

“Once I started seeing a beautiful, stunning queen in a mirror, I saw myself as,” the Georgian native said, “and by having this surgery it’s going to make me actually be the person I want to be.”

In the first two seasons of 1000-Lb, viewers witnessed Vannessa’s incredible weight loss journey. greatest pals.

In a March 2022 episode, she disclosed her weight as being 398 pounds, a dramatic decrease from her peak weight of nearly 500 pounds.

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In the episode airing on February 22, 2023, viewers observed Vannessa’s nine-month post-op check-in session as she eventually met the requirements for weight loss surgery.

She described her life following the treatment of bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter in the words, “My world has altered totally. “I fastened my seatbelt. Then, fasten a seat belt in the front and click it. I’ve always had to pull it around after clicking it behind me.

1000-Lb. Best Friends
1000-Lb. Best Friends

“I have made so many different breakthroughs,” Vannessa continued. I feel as though I have been imprisoned for twenty years, and suddenly I am free. I get to see things in the world that I previously missed out on.

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