2 Dead In Second Fatal Ice-Fishing Accident This Week

Here is about 2 Dead In Second Fatal Ice-Fishing Accident This Week- According to Vermont State Police, two men perished on Saturday morning after a side-by-side utility task vehicle smashed through Lake Champlain’s ice close to Grand Isle. Wayne Fleury, 88, of East Montpelier, and his brother John Fleury, 71, of Williamstown, were eventually confirmed as the victims.

Emergency personnel was informed that a side-by-side had broken through the ice on Keeler Bay shortly after 7 a.m. on Saturday, according to the police. According to the news release, first responders encountered “challenging conditions” on Keeler Bay owing to the state of the ice but were still able to take John Fleury out of the water.

2 Dead In Second Fatal Ice-Fishing Accident This Week
2 Dead In Second Fatal Ice-Fishing Accident This Week

He was rescued by members of the South Hero Fire Department, who then took him to the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he passed away. According to the police, Wayne Fleury was discovered inside the submerged side-by-side by a Colchester Technical Rescue diver. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

Police stated that there was no reason to suspect the deaths.

The ice-fishing incident on Saturday was Vermont’s second fatal catastrophe this week. Wayne Alexander, a 62-year-old resident of Grand Isle, perished on Thursday night after slipping through the ice, according to state police.

The Department of Fish & Wildlife has advised the general public to stay off Lake Champlain this weekend due to risky circumstances, according to a press release from the Vermont State Police announcing the accident on Saturday.

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