Shocking Crimes: 2 Minors Detained in Antioch for Robbery and Shooting

According to a press statement from the Antioch Police Department, two individuals under the age of 18 were detained for a robbery and gunshot that occurred in the city on 27 Feb 2023, Monday night. The crime’s victim was likewise a young person.

At 3:26 p.m., APD responded to the 1800 block of Crown Peak Drive in response to a “frantic” caller who said their family member had been shot. Shot wounds were found on the victim’s right shoulder.

2 Minors Detained in Antioch for Robbery and Shooting
2 Minors Detained in Antioch for Robbery and Shooting

The responding officers looked after the victim until he was transferred to a nearby hospital. His condition is now categorized as stable.

People want detailed information about the happening that happened with a 9-year-old-

Police discovered that the suspects attempted to rob the victim and accidentally shot him, according to APD. Residents called the police to report seeing persons lurking in their trash cans and backyards that matched the description of the shooting suspects.

Here is a tweet given to know more about the incident in Antioch-

The suspects were located by the police, who then apprehended them. Authorities also got hold of the gun allegedly used in the shooting. While pursuing the suspects, a cop was injured and taken to the hospital.

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