2 Teenagers Hurt In 3 Gang-Related Shootings Close To Manhattan Schools

After two teenage kids were injured in a five-hour period of gun violence, three terrifying shooting events close to Manhattan schools provoked an NYPD raid on 14 March 2023 Tuesday. Police claimed the attacks were gang-related.

“For now, we are acting as though it’s all connected,” said NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell in East Harlem, the scene of two of the shootings. The victims’ ages, and geographical location in relation to schools. It’s been confirmed that this is a gang-related occurrence.

After a student was shot twice during an escalating Upper West Side argument, the shooting started, according to police. After receiving tips from vigilant neighborhood residents, the shooter was quickly apprehended as he attempted to flee in a taxi.

An innocent bystander and a 16-year-old were both shot in East Harlem just three hours after the first shooting, outside the Harlem Renaissance School, where the suspect in the earlier Upper West Side shooting was a student, according to sources.

2 Teenagers Hurt In 3 Gang-Related Shootings
2 Teenagers Hurt In 3 Gang-Related Shootings

The final incident was at 105th Street and Park Avenue, where four shot casings were discovered, although there were no reports of casualties close to a third school.

Chell stated, “We’ll be bringing in a number of resources from other boroughs, and we’re deploying to regions the best we can to slow this progress”. This rush will continue, and on Wednesday we’ll start the school arrival and dismissal.

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Chell declined to provide more information regarding the gang’s role in the three shootings.

At his first public appearance of the day, Chell stated that the first young victim was wounded around 9:50 a.m. on the Upper West Side corner of Amsterdam Ave. and W. 68th St. as a result of an unspecified dispute between four or five youths that swiftly turned violent.

According to police sources, the suspect, 19-year-old Cheick Coulibaly, and the victim were formerly friends. According to Cheick, the altercation started outside of a coffee shop before moving onto the street. Two of the three shots that were fired struck the victim in the abdomen.

While police got the shooter into custody a block away, the wounded 17-year-old student at the Martin Luther King Jr. High School campus raced two blocks to the school for assistance.

An employee at a nearby company told the Daily News that a woman was screaming uncontrollably because she was afraid. She sounded afraid, and I believe it got everyone’s attention.

“Then, pop, pop, pop, three rounds were fired. After a short while, a flood of police vehicles arrived.”

After the incident, a second witness described two women picking up the injured youth off the ground.

A source claims that the guy had a 9-mm handgun on him. According to Chell, the NYPD was swift to handcuff the defendant as a result of many 911 calls made by nearby people following the shooting.

Chell praised the callers for giving a precise description of the culprit and declared, “This was truly New York City working together to remove a gunman off the streets.”

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According to Chell, the shooter was on bail for a 2021 armed robbery and had been detained twice this year for narcotics trafficking.

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