7 Year Old Daughter Shooting In Southeast Memphis

Tennessee’s MEMPHIS — In connection with a shooting at a gas station in Whitehaven that left two teenage females dead, and two others hurt, including a newborn, a new video has been made public.

The mother of a girl who died on December 3, 2021, says she won’t feel at rest until the murderers are apprehended.

On Elvis Presley Boulevard, at a Marathon petrol station, there were murders. You should pay special attention to the camera footage, as investigators are trying to figure out who was in the black Nissan Altima.

7 Year Old Daughter Shooting In Southeast Memphis
7 Year Old Daughter Shooting In Southeast Memphis

“This is still a daily battle for me. My baby is all I can think about right now,” LaPorsha Woods said.

Woods is still mourning the loss of her daughter, 16-year-old Breuna Woods.

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“I wish she could come home,” Woods said. “I’d like to speak with her. Every day, I continue to text her phone as if she were present.
Breuna cheered for Wooddale High. She was in the car with pals when she passed away after just finishing her stint as a game-day fan.

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“It was everything to me. My initial love. My dearest pal. She was like, my person,” Woods remarked.

According to Memphis Police, Breunna was traveling in a red Infiniti with two other young women and a baby.

The suspect’s vehicle is making its way toward the victim’s car and someone at the next pump fall to the ground ducking for cover.

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