After A Fire Breaks Out At Tennessee Uranium Processing Complex

Tennessee’s OAK RIDGE (WVLT/Gray News) – On Wednesday, a fire started at the Y-12 National Security Complex, according to Kathryn King from Y-12.

The institution hasn’t provided much information, but King was able to confirm that a fire started in Building 9212 on Wednesday morning. In a revised statement, Y-12 stated that the fire began in a chemical handling hood at about 9:14 a.m.

The public was quickly reassured by officials that the incident was restricted to the Y-12 complex and need not be concerned about any effects occurring off-site.

After A Fire Breaks Out At Tennessee Uranium Processing Complex
After A Fire Breaks Out At Tennessee Uranium Processing Complex

One Y-12 representative remarked, “I think if you live nearby you’d be really concerned.” “The problem is controlled and contained.”

Employees in the facility put out the fire as instructed, then called for assistance from emergency authorities, claims Y-12. According to Y-12, Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC, and the National Nuclear Security Administration are in charge of such response.

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Also, according to officials, some of the 200 employees in the building as well as other workers in nearby buildings were evacuated.

According to the Department of Energy website, Building 9212 was constructed in 1945 for the processing of uranium. According to the website, the structure is “one of the main chemical processing and enriched uranium manufacturing facilities at Y-12.” At the end of 2025, a replacement is expected.

The material that started the fire, according to Y-12, was a compound of uranium, an element that people who work in Building 9212 deal with. According to officials, these chemicals can be found in metallic or solution forms.

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Additionally, they stated that they will be evaluating that personnel even if there are now no signs of injury. Making sure that the workers and people of Oak Ridge are safe is the top responsibility in a circumstance like this, according to Y-12. Responders then give priority to environmental issues.

As of 11:40 a.m. Eastern, Y-12 was unable to confirm whether or not the fire had been put out.

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