Air Movie Review: Ben Affleck Makes Matt Damon MVP

When Air was announced, everyone thought it would be a movie about Nike’s history, directed by Matt Damon, who has been friends with Ben Affleck for a long time.

The movie Air is about a pair of shoes, a single custom-made sneaker, that changed the way shoes were sold and how sports marketing was done. Affleck’s sixth movie is very different from The Town, Argo, and Gone Baby Gone, but it only takes a few minutes to see his skill and confidence. Using the best people in the group also helps. The story finishes the way you’d expect.

Matt Damon plays Sonny Vaccaro, a basketball scout and sports mogul who got a young Michael Jordan to sign with Nike in 1984 when Converse and Adidas were the most popular brands.

There are a few problems to solve first. Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike and former CEO, thinks it’s crazy to spend the whole budget for the basketball section on an unknown player. Before Jordan comes into the picture, his protective mother Deloris, and his fast-talking agent have to agree to work together, and no one is sure if Nike designer Peter Moore (Matthew Maher), who is a bit strange, can make the first Air Jordan, the best shoe prototype ever.

Air Movie

Fast-talking, happy chatter, dry wit, and office humor keep you interested as these subplots flow into a will-he-or-won’t-he ending. Most of the Air takes place in conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office cubicles. There are only a few clips of Michael Jordan playing hoops.

Even people who don’t like sneakers will know what’s going on because of how famous Air Jordan is, but this great group will fight for screen time.

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Affleck does a great job playing the barefoot, Porsche-driving, cocky Knight. But he is a great director who usually lets his supporting players steal the show. We are amazed by Damon’s ability to make every figure interesting. After putting on weight for the part, he plays the whole movie on his slow, fat shoulders.

The most pleasant and funny parts of Air are when Sonny and Knight talk to each other, and it’s hard not to picture the actors, who are real-life best friends, having fun on set. With her funny and powerful deadpan, Viola Davis beats out Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker, Marlon Wayans, and Chris Messina.

Below you can see a tweet about AIR Movie is absolutely brilliant. A timeless underdog story of grit, dreams, and moxie, an enormously entertaining package—one that’s old-fashioned but also alive and crowd-pleasing.

She plays one of her simplest but most interesting parts as a wise old woman. Even though there isn’t much at stake in the story, Affleck’s close-ups give it dramatic weight. A heated argument between Damon and Davis shows that Jordan and Nike have a racist tone. It’s fun to watch these two pros fight.

Anyone can like Air, but basketball fans will, especially like the Easter eggs. At first, it’s strange that the movie doesn’t show Jordan’s face, but we get used to it. After 40 years, it’s hard to say who got the most out of the Air Jordan deal, since both Michael Jordan and Nike became billionaires and built global businesses. But Affleck’s caring retelling of the story is a sure thing, just like MJ’s long and successful career.

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