Alex Murdaugh Conviction: How His Son Ensured This and helped Solve His Murder Case

Alex Murdaugh, now-infamous ex-South Carolina attorney, was convicted guilty of murdering his wife and son on Thursday and was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Friday. He continues to insist that he is not guilty.

Even after several hearings, Alex Murdaugh said he was not in the area where and when his wife Maggie and his son Paul, then 22 years old, were murdered, and he maintained this denial for over a year and a half.

After his death, however, one of the people he murdered, his son, allegedly proved to be one of the crucial pieces of evidence that exposed his father’s web of lies and led to his conviction in the double homicide.

Does Video Became The Crucial Evidence Recorded By Paul

Alex Murdaugh’s voice was caught on video. The video was taken on Paul Murdaugh’s phone at his family’s dog kennels. Paul filmed a video just before he was shot and died, proving to be the most crucial evidence. One of the family’s dogs was depicted in contact with the kennels on the property. Also, it picked up Alex Murdaugh’s voice in the distance and positioned him at the crime scene.

 Alex Murdaugh Conviction
Alex Murdaugh Conviction

The video Murdaugh denied knowing about until after his trial was the final nail in the coffin of his evidence and forced him to testify.

The jury regularly convicted Alex Murdaugh but testified that he didn’t kill his wife and son. He lied about where he was because he was paranoid and didn’t trust the police because he had been addicted to opioid painkillers for years. He also admitted to more lies while on the stand. In court, he said he had stolen millions of dollars from his law firm and clients over about 20 years.

He told the jury that even though he had lied to them many times before, he was honest about one thing he had not killed his family. But jurors did not believe him.

A video That Convinced the Jury 

The jury saw how he was trying to trick them and lying. They read through it, watched the kennel video, and made the right decision.

Craig Moyer, one of the jurors who helped find Murdaugh guilty, said in his first public interview with ABC News that the group decided in less than an hour.

Moyer said,

“I could hear his voice clearly, and everybody else could too.”

 Alex Murdaugh Conviction
Alex Murdaugh Conviction

Murdaugh’s confession of lying about the video surprised Moyer, who said he still didn’t believe the defendant was telling the truth about what happened on June 7, 2021.

In Moyer’s opinion, Murdaugh was “a good liar, but not good enough.”

The criminal defense attorney and Joey Jackson (CNN Legal Analyst) said:

“When he took the stand — that is, Alex Murdaugh — that was his opportunity to state his claim. It was a very hard sell, however, as much as you deny, deny, deny being at the kennels, you took the stand because it came out that you were there. Cell phone data put you there, car data put you there, in addition to the fact that your own voice put you there, by virtue of what your son recorded.”

This is why Murdaugh claims he lied about being at the crime scene.

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Some Final Decisions and Statements

Testimony presented during Paul’s trial indicated that the video was recorded at 8:44 p.m. on the night of the murders. Although he claimed Maggie and Paul might have been shot between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., Colleton County Coroner Richard Harvey testified that he believed their time of death to be around 9 p.m.

 Alex Murdaugh Conviction
Alex Murdaugh Conviction

Although initially telling police he was elsewhere then, Murdaugh later admitted he had visited the kennels briefly before leaving at around 8:47 p.m.

When Murdaugh returned home from seeing his mother, he saw Maggie and Paul died, he said.

Alex Murdaugh testified:

“Paranoid thinking, All those things, coupled together after finding them, coupled with my distrust for (the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) caused me to have paranoid thoughts,I wasn’t thinking clearly. I don’t think I was capable of reason. And I lied about being there, and I’m so sorry that I did.”

Once I told the lie, I told my family, I had to keep lying,” he told the court.

“And the jury did not buy that clarification. He was lying long before he walked into that courtroom, long before he took the stand and that jury believed that he was lying to them on that stand,” Ford said.

Alex Murdaugh Conviction: What’s next for Murdaugh

Soon after all this, Alex Murdaugh’s Conviction was made final. After his sentence, Murdaugh was released to the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

 Alex Murdaugh Conviction
Alex Murdaugh Conviction

The department said in a news release that he was checked in and evaluated at a center in Columbia on Friday night. As part of this process, his head was shaved, which all new prisoners must do, said department spokeswoman Chrysti Shain.

The release also said that Murdaugh would have to undergo medical tests and evaluate his mental health and education.

The department said that over the next month and a half, officials would look at the results of his tests and evaluations and his crime and sentence to decide which maximum-security prison he would go to.

Source: CNN News 

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