When Alex Murdaugh Took The Witness Stand And Jury In Case Knew He Was Guilty

As per the New York Post: A jury member believed South Carolina’s legal scion After “loud” jury discussions in the high-profile case, Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his wife and kid when he took the stand, resulting in a swift conviction.

Craig Moyer, a 37-year-old juror, told The Post on Sunday that he thought Murdaugh’s own testimony had finally decided the six-week trial.

The humiliated and prohibited attorney confessed in an impassioned outburst that he had misled law enforcement about his location on the night of the double homicide.

When a Snapchat video from his now-deceased kid showed the 54-year-voice old’s in the background just before the carnage, Murdaugh startled the courtroom by admitting he was there.

Moyer, a construction worker, spoke from his home. “When he took the stand, he kind of expressed his guilt then,” he said.

Alex Murdaugh Took The Witness Stand
Alex Murdaugh Took The Witness Stand


Moyer mimicked violently wiping his nose with his arm and added, “His head shaking all the time, no tears, and he cleaned his nose like this.”

He was seen crying, jerking his head back and forth, and confessing to being at the dog kennels a year and a half later, according to Moyer.

Murdaugh was found guilty on Thursday of killing his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, at one of their residences in June 2021. In front of his living son Buster on Friday, he was given a life sentence for the savage killings.

Moyer acknowledged that Murdaugh’s testimony regarding the railway accident was useful in formulating his decision, but he said that the dog footage taken by Paul Murdaugh had the greatest impact. In court, the prosecution stated that the social media video featuring Alex Murdaugh was recorded just before the shooting started.

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The “dog kennel video” took place just before they lost their phones, so to speak. About Alex Murdaugh’s voice in the Snapchat video, Moyer stated.

Initially, according to Moyer, two jurors did not think Murdaugh was the murderer, and discussions became tense. He remarked that he is unsure of what caused the 12 jurors to fast reach accord.

Everyone was chatting over each other, yet we still managed to finish. Every juror was serious when discussing the matter, Moyer said.

In a prior interview, Moyer said that the jury deliberated for 45 minutes before reaching a decision.

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Moyer thought the request from the one-ejected juror who later informed the judge that she needed to go get a dozen eggs was odd.

The unnamed woman was dismissed from the jury when it appears that she was overheard discussing the matter outside of the courthouse. Judge Clifton Newman of Colleton County Court asked her if she needed to gather any personal goods, and she oddly replied, “a dozen eggs,” which made everyone in the courtroom chuckle.

Moyer remarked, “I kind of felt it was weird about the eggs. Everyone is discussing the eggs.”

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