On His “Extremely Unique Relationship” With Anderson Cooper- Andy Cohen

In the past 15 years, according to Cohen, the two have become closer as a result of their shared love of presenting TV shows and later-in-life parenthood.

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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s friendship was openly discussed. Cohen, 54, discussed how he and Cooper have bonded over their on-camera professions and becoming parents later in life in the “Table for Two” episode from December 27 with host Bruce Bozzi.

We’ve been friends for a long time. Yet, I believe that over the past 15 years, our relationship has become closer as a result of his ability to support me while I’ve been in front of the camera and help me understand what it entails, according to Cohen.

Cohen claims that Anderson’s advice is primarily restricted to the talk show industry. Cooper has presented the CNN program “Anderson Cooper 360” since 2003, while Cohen has hosted the late-night Bravo program “Watch What Happens Life” since 2009.

Anderson Cooper- Andy Cohen
Anderson Cooper- Andy Cohen

Cohen explained that “he can connect to a lot of things about navigating that environment of doing a show every night and has given me really solid advise about,” like “saying the incorrect thing and getting it put in  the paper.”

Moreover, Cooper and Cohen frequently co-host New Year’s Eve on CNN. For both hosts, who are often “solo acts,” New Year’s Eve is a change of pace. We’ve been able to get closer as a public partnership, which has been enjoyable for both of us, Cohen added.

According to Cohen, TV celebrities connect via being parents. Cohen made light of the fact that both he and Cooper are “geriatric parents,” “hobbling around” and chasing their kids.

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Ben, 3, and Lucy, 7 months, are the father’s two children, and the Bravo host. Wyatt, Cooper’s son, is 2 years old, and Sebastian is 7 months old. Ben and Wyatt go on play dates together, according to Cohen, who also suggested that the two might one day connect over their upbringing.

I’m really happy that Ben will grow up with Wyatt and will grow up to witness Anderson raising Wyatt and Sebastian, as it develops… as our kids start recognizing, “I have gay parents,” he said.

Cooper and Cohen occasionally publish little excerpts of their parenthood experiences together, such as this one from October in which Cohen’s voice is almost completely overpowered by the sounds of children. Cohen first met Cooper’s second son in February, and he then shared that encounter.

Here is a tweet about Anderson Cooper- Andy Cohen:

Wyatt and Ben, according to Cohen, are close. Cohen claimed to have participated in a “dumb question game” during dinner one day.

Cohen began by posing queries like “yellow or blue.” But, his inquiries quickly became increasingly intrusive.

Because I am such a shady person, I started asking my child, “Would you rather have a playdate with like, X friend of his from school, or would you rather go to Wyatt Cooper’s house and play? I’d rather go to Wyatt Cooper’s, he says. I thought, “Oh, thank God!”

“After that, I said, “You know what, Andy? It’s unnecessary to turn Ben’s pals against one another.”

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