Another Chain Of SpaceX Satellites Visible in West Michigan

(WOOD) GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Look up! Monday night is most likely a second opportunity to witness the constellation of Starlink satellites over West Michigan.

The string of lights is anticipated to show above West Michigan at 7:50 p.m. when the skies will be clear. According to a SpaceX satellite tracking website, the line of satellites will be visible in the night sky for almost five minutes in total.

It’s crucial to remember that tracking websites aren’t always entirely accurate. The following information will give you the best chance of witnessing Starlink on Monday night.

Again Visible In West Michigan Is A Chain Of SpaceX Satellites
Again Visible In West Michigan Is A Chain Of SpaceX Satellites

The same line of satellites that appeared above West Michigan at roughly 7:37 p.m. on Sunday will be visible again on Monday.

After launch, the satellites are only briefly visible to us because the sun briefly reflects off of them when they are at an advantageous elevation and direction.

SpaceX is the organization in charge of placing satellites into the night sky. This is a component of the business’s mission to offer global mobile and internet access devoid of cell towers.

The business has already launched 3,600 satellites into orbit. By the time they enter orbit, they are invisible to the unaided eye. Because of this, satellites are only noticeable soon after a new launch. The company hopes for at least 12,000 satellites to surround the globe, if not as many as 42,000.

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