Are James And Ally Still Together? The Latest Relationship Update!

‘Vanderpump Rules’ is a reality series that is a spin-off of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It centers on Lisa Vanderpump’s luxurious lifestyle and the staff at her opulent restaurants. The romantic turmoil between James Kennedy, a former busboy, and Ally Lewbar, his new love interest, was one of many ups and downs in season 10.

Although it was touching to observe the couple’s journey, there were also unpleasant elements. Viewers are naturally interested in where the turmoil took their relationship. This is everything you need to know about the status of James and Ally’s bond right now!

Are James And Ally Still Together? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Yeah, James and Ally are still inseparable and deeply in love. James mentioned Ally in a podcast for the first time without revealing her identity. I’m kind of seeing someone, he admitted. Really, it’s too early to make a judgment. I really do like this gal. I’m not sure. We’ll wait and see. No girl may be asked to do that by me.

Are James And Ally Still Together?
Are James And Ally Still Together?

He made a passing reference to his ex-fiancée, with whom he had been together for seven months prior to their breakup in December 2021. She gets to determine how she wants to handle the matter, and then I, like, have to make a choice too, he continued. What I do know is that I’m going to be doing me and having fun with it. After Raquel moved out, it seems as though I have no one else to impress or appease but myself. My heart has stopped breaking. I don’t give a damn about what people think or desire.

James uploaded the first image of Ally and them together, attending an award presentation, on March 24, 2022, confirming the rumors that had been circulating since January 2022 from various sources. Since then, their Instagram has been inundated with sweet photos of the couple having a blast together in exotic locations like Jamaica and Mexico.

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The events from the show don’t necessarily sum up their relationship. The pair faces a number of potential threats, yet they come across as mature and committed to finding solutions. We genuinely want James and Ally to be together for the long term and put their issues behind them so they can move on with a happy, healthy relationship free of any emotional baggage.


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So, what does the end result of all this turmoil look like? Did the pair manage to weather everything that happened to them, or did they eventually break up?

The Best Moments of James and Ally’s Vanderpump Rules Journey

James, 31, is a well-known DJ and music producer who has collaborated with well-known pop stars. Ally, a former entertainment journalist, and aspiring astrologer are 27 years old. Three months after his engagement to Raquel Leviss was broken off, the two apparently began d@ting. In addition, he moved in with her, which offended some people. The first episode of season 10 had James introducing his girlfriend for the first time.

Are James And Ally Still Together?
Are James And Ally Still Together?

Yet Lisa Vanderpump was alarmed by how swiftly he had moved on from his ex-fiance. He also disclosed to Raquel his feelings for Ally and referred to his new love as his life’s companion. Even James’ ex was surprised by his actions and wondered how he could develop an emotional attachment so soon after their breakup. Raquel confronted Ally about the night James cheated in episode 4.

Back when he got drunk and hooked up with Lala Kent, the two were still together, and he acknowledged as much. To everyone’s surprise, Ally said that her boyfriend had already informed her of these earlier transgressions and that she had been upset upon learning of them.

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Ally admitted to understanding Raque’s motivation for wanting to warn her during her confession. She also voiced her worries over James’ drinking issue. James invited Ally to his mother’s house for lunch in episode 5. While they were eating lunch, a variety of topics were discussed, including James’ sobriety and his mother’s criticism of Raquel.

Ally let him know up front that she liked her boyfriend sober when they later went on a date that included a foot massage. James claimed that his drinking habits were no longer a cause for worry. The two got into a short quarrel during his confession. James declared that he would become sober for himself rather than his girlfriend the next time.

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