Are Zach and Katy Still Together? Love From TV To Reality!

The last rose was given tonight, marking the end of The Bachelor season 27 for viewers of the venerable reality television series. There have been many highs and lows this season as viewers have witnessed the former Bachelorette contestant find love. Despite the fact that this season may not have been the most exciting, we’re glad to hear it ended happily! In tonight’s finale, Zach picked Kaity Biggar, a 28-year-old Canadian nursing competitor.

In response to requests and comments from our readers, we’re going to start a conversation over whether are Zach and Katy still together. Continue reading to discover more if you’re interested in learning more about this American subject.

Are Zach And Katy Still Together? The Latest Relationship Update

After Reality Steve revealed his prediction for Zach Shallcross’ final match, viewers of The Bachelor are curious to learn whether Zach and Kaity are still together. Zach started looking for love in January 2023 after being named the newest Bachelor in September 2022.

If Zach asks Kaity to marry him, which he most likely will, then they are most likely still together. especially considering that they both reside in Austin, Texas.

Are Zach and Katy Still Together
Are Zach and Katy Still Together

It was rather chilly in the museum, Kaity explained, and she and Zach did sleep with their mattresses pushed close.

Are Zach And Kaity Still Engaged After The Bachelor?

At tonight’s season finale, Zach proposed while bending down on one knee, and it was very lovely. Fans of The Bachelor, we have excellent news for you: Zach and Kaity are still together! The happy couple discussed their relationship after the Bachelor on the After the Final Rose live stage tonight.

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During the conclusion of Zach’s season of The Bachelor, there were numerous stories circulating regarding his romantic status. Some claimed Gabi was actually the winner, while others claimed Zach split up with Kaity and started seeing participant Jess Girod. Although we don’t know who made these claims, at least we now know the truth.

Are Zach and Katy Still Together
Are Zach and Katy Still Together

Women’s Health Magazine reported that Zach shared something really fascinating on his Instagram Story, which led to fans on Reddit believing that the two were still d@ting after the cameras stopped rolling. He posted a picture of Kaity’s preferred barbecue restaurant, Terry Black’s Barbeque in Austin, Texas, earlier in the season.

We don’t anticipate Kaity and Zach having to cope with long-distance like past Bachelor couples have because they both presently reside in Austin, Texas. Hoping Zach and Kaity stay together so we will soon see their wedding pics!

Love From TV To Reality

According to Reality Steve, Kaity is the winner of The Bachelor season 27 and is engaged to Zach. In November 2022, Reality Steve reported that Gabi Elnicki, a 25-year-old, was one of Zach’s final three.

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This revealed to the public that she and Zach are still very much in a relationship. Reddit reports that Kaity most recently shared a picture of herself eating ribs at Terry Black’s in March 2023.

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