Who Is Ariana Madix Boyfriend? Everything We Know About

Ariana Madix, Vanderpump Rules star, visited Coachella 2023 this weekend with pals. Following the release of a video of them kissing online, the reality TV star’s festival photo with her “new man” quickly became popular online. Daniel Wai, a fitness teacher, has posted a few pictures of him and the man.

Ariana shared pictures from Coachella as well. Some of her supporters rejoiced to see her with a new partner, while many others criticized her for moving on too fast. After a ten-year relationship, Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana with the co-star of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel Leviss. Since the breaking of the news of the former couple’s breakup, internet users have been engrossed in the drama.

Ariana Madix Was Kiss Daniel Wai

When the public learned about Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s separation, they attacked the restaurant owner while praising Ariana. However, the most recent Coachella update caused them to reconsider.

While Ariana’s attempts to move on were applauded on social media, many cautioned her to give Sandoval’s drama some time to heal. Daniel Wai, a fitness teacher, has been referred to be Ariana’s new partner since she was seen kissing him at Coachella 2023. She faced criticism for ending her prior relationship, in which her lover had betrayed her.

In a YouTube video by Up and Adam Live! where the user reviewed the reality TV star’s recent Coachella escapades, fans also criticized Ariana in the comments area. Along with Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay and Brock Davies attended Coachella 2023.

Who Is Daniel Wai?

At Coachella 2023, fitness instructor Daniel Wai was seen kissing Vanderpump Rules actress Ariana Madix. On their individual Instagram accounts, both shared tales with pictures of themselves holding hands and leaning on one another.

Daniel has a major in “Computer Science and a secondary degree in Business, and a minor in Math,” according to his official fitness website. Since he was a youngster, he has been incredibly passionate about exercise. He enrolled in boxing and weight training lessons to follow his goals and ambitions. He has a Corrective Exercise Specialist credential from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

He wants to inspire and motivate people to live happy, healthy lives. During the Sandoval turmoil, Daniel has made news for supporting Ariana Madix at Coachella 2023. According to a source quoted by ET Online, the two connected during a friend’s wedding in Mexico. It’s interesting to note that Brock Davies and Scheana Shay wed in Cancun, Mexico.

You may click the link below to view the other famous people’s lovers as well:

The source said Ariana Madix had a tattoo at the Camp Pooh party while Daniel was with her. Dayna Kathan, a former cast member of Vanderpump Rules, attended the occasion with Ariana.

Ariana Madix Boyfriend

While Raquel Leviss allegedly went into a mental health institution, Ariana Madix supposedly had fun at Coachella. According to reports, the former contestant may have visited a 5-star spa retreat rather than a hospital. Furthermore, there was much talk that Tom Sandoval was at the resort with Raquel.

Fans are still interested in the Scandoval story and have developed a variety of hypotheses about it. The drama will develop in the forthcoming Vanderpump Rules season 10 episodes.


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