Barbara Bosson Passed Away At 83

On the renowned series, which was one of many produced by her ex-husband Steven Bochco, she played Fay Furillo. Barbara Bosson has away. She was nominated for an Emmy five years in a row for her portrayal of divorcee Fay Furillo on the acclaimed NBC drama Hill Street Blues, which she co-created with her then-husband Steven Bochco and was 83.

Her son, director-producer Jesse Bochco, reported that Bosson passed away on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The actress was also well-known for her work on three ABC series, including Hooperman (1987–1989), Cop Rock (1990), and Murder One (1995–1997). She played the divorced boss of John Ritter’s San Francisco police inspector on Hooperman, played the mayor of Los Angeles on Cop Rock, and played prosecutor Miriam Grasso on Murder One. The three shows were all jointly made by  Bochco, too.

Barbara Bosson Passed Away At 83
Barbara Bosson Passed Away At 83

Diana and Bochco met while students at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie-Mellon University in the 1960s; they were wed from 1970 until their divorce in 1997. He battled leukemia till his death in April 2018 at the age of 74.

On the first five seasons of MTM Productions’ Hill Street Blues, Bosson starred as the needy Fay, the ex-wife of Capt. Frank Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) and the mother of their son. As her character developed throughout the course of the first five seasons of the show (1981–1985), she earned a supporting actress Emmy nomination.

In an interview with United Press International in 1985, she said, “The entire time I played Fay, I agitated with Steve to make Fay something beyond a whimpering kvetch.”

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It took me two years to persuade him that Fay should support victims. She was also a victim.
Bochco was sacked by MTM after the fifth season because he resisted cost- and storyline-cutting measures. Bosson soon left Hill Street Blues as well, leaving after three episodes of the sixth season had been filmed.

I find what they’re doing to Fay to be quite sad. In another interview from 1985, she claimed that the new producers didn’t like the character. My husband used to write her scenarios in the past. Because I wanted my career to be independent of his, I stayed on after he left. People have always snidely remarked that Steven put me on the show.

Bosson was raised in the nearby coal mining community of Belle Vernon after being born in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, on November 1, 1939. She and her family relocated to Florida, and in 1957, she earned her high school diploma from Gulfport’s Boca Ciega High School.

Bosson was accepted into the theatre program at Carnegie-Mellon but was unable to pay the tuition. As a result, she moved to New York and worked as a Playboy bunny and a secretary for the American Conservatory Theater while still taking acting lessons with Milton Katselas and Herbert Berghof.

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In 1990, Bosson said to the St. Petersburg Times, “I put up with a lot of leering men in order to be able to study acting.”

When she was 26 and could finally afford education, she enrolled in Carnegie-Mellon. She met Bruce Weitz and Charles Haid, two future Hill Street Blues cast members, as well as Bochco there.

Bosson spent a summer performing with the San Francisco improv group The Committee, which included Mel Stewart, Howard Hesseman, and Peter Bonerz. She later played a nurse in the movie Bullitt (1968).

Her daughter Melissa from her marriage to Bochco and her two grandsons are also living.

Here is a tweet on Bosson’s death:

Bosson stated in a 1985 interview with the Los Angeles Times that she received her renowned Hill Street Blues role as a result of her friendship with Bochco, who frequently hired friends and family members. But, she continued, “It kills me to think that perhaps everything nice was because of Steven.”

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