Blink-182’s Nostalgic Coachella Concert Took Us Back To High School

For the first time in nine years, Blink-182 and Tom DeLonge appeared onstage together at Coachella. The performance sparked feelings of nostalgia among the large throng that had gathered around the stage.

From “Family Reunion” to “All the Small Things” to “I Miss You” to “Feeling This” to “What’s My Age Again,” the band played nonstop, emotional bangers. They also performed “Dysentery Gary,” with Long joking that he had scored his own performance a “C+”. They constantly made juvenile jokes in between, but they also tried to be creative by, at one point, fusing “Dammit” with “No Scrubs” by TLC.

The Latin American leg of Blink-182’s reunion tour was recently postponed because Barker needed immediate surgery after breaking a finger during practice. He told Rolling Stone that it was quickly recovering. The band was just days away from performing at this year’s Coachella festival when it was announced that they would be taking the stage earlier than fans had anticipated.

Blink-182's Nostalgic Coachella
Blink-182’s Nostalgic Coachella

DeLonge left Blink-182 in 2015 with the intention of spending more time working on his organization, To the Stars…Academy of Arts & Sciences, which looks into UFOs. In order to complete the group, Barker and Hoppus recruited Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio. Blink released two albums with Skiba.

Hoppus revealed in 2021 that he had been given a cancer diagnosis. He and Barker had started meeting with DeLonge at this time to reestablish their connection. Hoppus was deemed cancer-free the next year, and DeLonge formally rejoined the group. They recently put out the single “Edging” and have been composing a new album.

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