Cast Of We Have A Ghost: Read All The Details Regarding Cast And Their Characters

People want to know about the Cast Of We Have A Ghost. Christopher Landon took over the director’s chair for Happy Death Day, a Groundhog Day-meets-Scream-style slasher, after penning the scripts for 2007’s Disturbia and multiple Paranormal Activity sequels.

Happy Death Day 2U marked his comeback, and he also directed Freaky, a fantastic body-swap comedy-horror starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn from Ant-Man 3.

Here is a breakdown of the whole Cast Of We Have A Ghost, along with the characters they play. We are still waiting for that spinoff.

Cast Of We Have A Ghost

According to the official summary, Kevin’s family becomes overnight social media sensations after discovering a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home.

A tweet from Geoff Manaugh about We Have A Ghost.

But, the CIA targets Kevin and Ernest when they go rogue to look into the mysteries surrounding Ernest’s past.

David Harbour: Ernest

The ghost that resides in the Presley family’s new house’s attic is portrayed by David Harbour as Ernest.

The harbour is most known for playing Jim Hopper in the Netflix series Stranger Things. In the 2019 reboot, he also played Hellboy, and in the Thunderbolts movie for the MCU, he will reprise his role as Red Guardian.

Jahi Winston: Kevin Presley

The youngest son of Frank and Melanie Presley, played by Jahi Winston, discovers Ernest in the loft of his new house.

Winston has previously made appearances in Queen & Slim, The Dead Don’t Die, and The Upside.

Anthony Mackie: Frank Presley

Kevin’s “affable-yet-harsh father,” played by Anthony Mackie, wants to capitalize on Ernest by making him a social media sensation.

The role of Sam Wilson that Mackie most famously played in the MCU. He first appeared as the Falcon, but in New World Order and onward, he is now assuming the Captain America hat.

Erica Ash: Melanie Presley

Melanie, Frank’s wife and Kevin’s mother is portrayed by Erica Ash.

Ash previously made appearances in Uncle Drew, Shades of Blue, Scary Movie 5, and Unthinkably Wonderful Things.

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Niles Fitch: Fulton Presley

Kevin’s older brother Fulton, played by Niles Fitch, likewise wants to utilize Ernest for fame and money.

In addition to participating in Mixed-ish, Atypical, and The Fallout, Fitch is best recognized for his role as Randall in This is Us.

Niles Fitch: Fulton Presley
Niles Fitch: Fulton Presley

Isabella Russo: Joy Yoshino

Joy Yoshino, played by Isabella Russo, lives next door to Kevin and assists him in his efforts to liberate Ernest.

Prior to Crashing, Russo played Beth Lee in two episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime.

Tig Notaro: Dr Leslie Monroe

Dr Leslie Monroe, a “washed-up paranormal scientist,” is portrayed by Tig Notaro. She wants to catch Ernest.

Famous comedian and actress Tig Notaro has been nominated for an Emmy. She also made an appearance in Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder.

Steve Coulter: Arnold Schipley

Leslie persuades CIA Deputy Director Arnold Schipley, played by Steve Coulter, to relaunch a covert operation to track down and apprehend Ernest.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Atlanta, Shotgun Wedding, and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It was recent films in which Coulter starred.

Jennifer Coolidge: Judy Romano

Cable TV personality Judy Romano is portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge.

Landon stated in a press release that she was cast not long after The White Lotus’ first season had concluded. I don’t even believe it was done, but it was obvious that people were paying attention, he remarked.

But oddly, I doubt that it would have even much altered my opinion of how I cast her. I’ve loved Jennifer ever since… because I’m gay, we’ve been smitten with Jennifer Coolidge for a very long time. Hence, it appears as though we are just waiting for everyone else to realize how amazing she is.

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Faith Ford: Barbara Mangold

Barbara Mangold, the real estate agent who finds the Presley family their new house, is portrayed by Faith Ford. Ford is most remembered for his roles in The Pacifier, Maggie Winters, Hope & Faith, and Murphy Brown.

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