Cocaine Cat With Narcotic Residue Is Brought To The Cincinnati Zoo

An Ohio zoo now houses a wild cat that was seized earlier this year and had cocaine in its system.

According to the local news source WLWT5, the African serval known as Amiry was captured in late January after being discovered in a tree in the Cincinnati area of Oakley, Ohio.

It was quite impressive to watch, and the cat expert thought we did a terrific job after speaking with us. In addition, Troy Taylor, the head of the Hamilton county, Ohio, dog warden’s office, told WKRC that “[we] were fairly lucky because this cat could’ve torn us apart and killed us.

Amiry was brought to Cincinnati Animal Care (CAC), a nearby animal shelter, for more medical attention. During the attempt to capture the cat, its leg was fractured.

Cat With Narcotic Residue Is Brought To The Cincinnati Zoo
Cat With Narcotic Residue Is Brought To The Cincinnati Zoo

The wild cat was eventually correctly recognized as a serval through a DNA test after initially being suspected to be a hybrid savannah cat.

In Ohio, servals are prohibited, in contrast to savannah cats.

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When testing the wild cat for drug exposure, medical experts who were treating it found that it had also been exposed to cocaine.

The serval is being transported to the Cincinnati Zoo for additional care because CAC is unable to house exotic animals.

Ray Anderson, community engagement manager for CAC, said “We’re enormously grateful to the Cincinnati zoo for getting Amiry the care he needs.” “We’re quite proud of the work done in this case by the dog wardens and medical team,” Anderson added.

The owner of the serval has been located and is helping with the inquiry. Costs are not being pursued at this time by the county’s dog wardens.

The below tweet is by The Guardian about Cocaine Cat:

African wild cats are known as servals. They are renowned for their black patches and their capacity for high jumps of up to about 7 feet.

During the course of six months, neighboring farmers in Missouri saw another serval, according to a Gizmodo story.

The group of farmers cared for the serval after using bait to catch it, even taking it to the neighborhood vet for an appointment.

The organization turned over the female serval to an Arkansas wildlife sanctuary in February.

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