De La Soul Cause Of Death: How Did The Musician Die?

De La Soul also known as David Jolicouer died at 54. After his death, his fans are looking for De La Soul Cause Of Death. During the summer of 1989, at an altitude of 30,000 feet over the center of California, I had the most formative musical experience of my youth.

When I was almost 17 years old, I was traveling from Los Angeles to the Bay Area for a school trip when I placed an album into my Walkman that I had recently purchased from my neighborhood record store.

The album was called Moby Disc: De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. I was completely captivated by the song “Eye Know” when the cassette reached that point almost halfway through Side A. A sincere rap song about love that wasn’t a corny radio ballad (no offense, LL Cool J) was paired with a wonderful beat that melded ’60s soul and ’70s art pop.

I had never heard anything like this before. A portion of me wanted to remove my headphones so that I could discuss the music with one of my fellow students, but another portion of me prevailed and kept them on. After the song had finished, I rewound it and listened to it a second time. And again.

And again. Although “Eye Know” wasn’t the very first rap song I ever heard, it was the one that started an interest in me to learn more about the rap culture and the music that goes along with it. My life took a different path as a direct result of a personal revelation I had when I was exposed to hip-hop at the same time as many other people.

De La Soul Cause Of Death

We found out that one of the group’s founding members, David Jolicoeur, also known as Trugoy the Dove and Plug Two, completed his own trip at the age of 54. His stage in life has been called “the end.” Although the official cause of death has not yet been disclosed, Jolicoeur disclosed in 2017 that he had been battling congestive cardiac problems. As of right now, no cause of death has been disclosed.

Trugoy was noticeably absent from the proceedings on February 5, when De La Soul was honored as part of this year’s Grammy Awards celebration of hip-50th hop’s anniversary. Trugoy’s absence stood out like a sore thumb.

Jemele Hill with a tweet giving tribute to David Jolicoeur.

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Jolicoeur, along with the other members of the group, including Kelvin “Posdnuos” Mercer, Vincent “P.A. Mase” Mason, and their guide “Prince Paul” Houston, grew up in the village of Amityville, which is located on Long Island. The four men met while they were all students at Amityville Memorial High School.

Their roots in the middle class and the suburbs were an important part of what set them apart from the majority of the hip-hop landscape in the mid to late 1980s. At that time, rap music was still associated with rough, urban neighborhoods such as Compton in Los Angeles or the South Bronx and Queensbridge Projects in New York City.

Tribute To David Jloicouer

A celebration of Trugoy’s life and legacy can take place over the next few weeks, with the highlight coming on March 3, when a significant amount of De La’s best work will eventually be made available once more.

Tribute To David Jloicouer
Tribute To David Jloicouer

I’ve had the advantage of having their old tapes, CDs, and vinyl records available to explore all these years, but the potential new fans will profit the most from De La’s long-delayed digital debut. I’ve had the privilege of having their old tapes, CDs, and vinyl recordings available to revisit.

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Final Lines: It is difficult to conceive a more suitable tribute to Trugoy than for a new generation of listeners to sit with his music and possibly have their own life’s trajectories set in a different direction as a result of their exposure to it.

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