Destiny 2: Cheese Grandmaster Nightfall Final Boss!

Destiny 2 resets weekly on May 16, 2023. The Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall will compete in the EDZ this week. Season 20’s Season of Defiance ends next week, and Destiny 2 players may expect a new season and Nightfall Strike rotation. Lake of Shadows isn’t the hardest Grandmaster Nightfall, but the boss room’s circular arena surrounded by de@dly Taken energy makes it challenging.

This week, The Lake of Shadows is in the limelight. Therefore, many gamers may want to know how to cheese the boss for an easier run. Players lose all progress if all Guardians d!e. With Double Vanguard Reputation in the final week of Season 20, clearing Grandmaster Nightfall with this cheese is a good option.

Hard Grandmaster Nightfalls. With each Guardian having a unique build of exotics, the most fantastic armor modifications, facets, and fragments, sometimes a cheese spot is the extra safety net they need to benefit from that concluding chest. Guardians who want to enter the EDZ have a simple Lake of Shadows cheese.

How To Get To The Final Boss?

Reaching the Lake of Shadows boss is difficult. Players will fight Taken and Cabal hordes on a journey. Players will also face Champions that may quickly kill a Fireteam and waste their revive tokens. A well-played Ward of Dawn Titan, Well of Radiance Warlock, and Strand or Shadowshot Hunter team is ideal.

Strand is usually a good pick for all classes because Lightfall made it the featured subclass of the year. Woven Mail and Strand grenades allow Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans to suspend opponents and Champions. Stopping targets will assist Guardians beat Barrier and Unstoppable champions in Grandmaster Nightfall by relieving their pressure.

Here is a tweet about the Nightfall Guardian PSA. You can see below:


Stick together and know what to do to proceed through Lake of Shadows Grandmaster Nightfall. Since players can’t modify their loadouts in Grandmaster Nightfall, seeing the enemy kinds, shields, weekly buffs/de-buffs, and Champions is best.

For players who want to make the most progress, a recently discovered Lake of Shadows skips can get them straight into the boss room. It still requires them to complete the two Darkness payloads, kill the first Primeval boss, and go through the sewers, but it skips the feared Tormentor section, which traps the Guardians in a small room.

How To Reach The Cheese Spot?

Players can quickly get Nightfall cheese after defeating the Lake of Shadows’ final fight. First, don’t blast the Darkness essence in the boss room—it activates the boss. Players can take their time perfecting the cheese location to protect their excellent Fireteam from the impending disaster.

Players should gaze left of the central region when they enter. A pillar will be destroyed. They can jump to the device on the left wall by standing on this pillar marked by orange cables. Players should glance up and jump to a foliage-covered structure after jumping here.

Players must have good Mobility stats or good jumps for the next portion of the cheese, which is the hardest. Run and click the jump button to reach the drooping metal beam to perfect the jump. Players will want to land on the hook or mantle it if close enough. Players that miss their jump will d!e and squander a Revive token.

Once on the metal hook, players should use their jump lift again and strafe right to the mantle on the roof. Players can safely cheese the boss by leaving until “Joining Allies” disappears. Players can hide behind a metal fence while sitting on the adjacent pillar.

Cheese is done here. Shoot the pyramid in the room to summon the boss. Three players fit here. Players must stay behind the railing and only shoot while the Guardian is healthy to avoid getting hit by the boss and advertisements. Effective and safe weapons should kill the boss quickly in this FPS shooter.

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Weapons To Use In The Cheese

Players can use several weapons in the Lake of Shadows cheese place. They should avoid guns. Bringing in Special Ammo weapons may not be the best idea, as once players are in the cheese spot, they may not want to leave due to the difficulty of re-entering the spot and the fact that the boss and ads will constantly shoot the player who risks it all for an ammo brick.

Bring kinetic weapons like scout rifles, auto guns, or bows to damage the boss truly. Le Monarque and Wish-Ender are beautiful bows. These kinetic bows are the best Exotics, buff damage, and have endless ammunition. A bubble-like Wish-Ender may pierce shields and kill numerous adversaries, while Le Monarque poisons the final boss. Bows are wonderful for Lake of Shadows’ last battle but are not the only option.

Destiny 2

Scout Rifles may also work. Volatile Rounds on Void subclasses boost Void Scout Rifles in Season 20. The Void Scout Rifle Doom of Chelchis, with its outstanding Origin Trait, Explosive Payload, and Dragonfly perk rolls, maybe the best for this. Scout Rifles have exceptional range and accuracy for consistent damage.

Power Weapons deal the most damage. Machine Guns, Strand subclass, and weaponry gain 25% damage for Lake of Shadows. Machine Guns, especially Strand-Machine Gun Circular Logic, are good Power Weapons. It’s good for eliminating Champions and the Tormentor, and with a stable ammo count for the final monster, players can score critical hits to start chipping away at his health bar.

Even if neither weapon type is the 25% enhanced weapon of the week, some players may bring the greatest Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers to the fight owing to their constant damage. To reach the boss fast and safely, you’ll need to fight many Champions and yellow-bar foes, including the terrifying Threshers. These weapons are riskier because the cheese area has a safe barrier to aim behind, but some shots will hit the invisible wall connecting to the metal railing instead of the intended target.

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