Did Buster Murdaugh Inherit Money?

Following Alex Murdaugh’s guilty verdict on March 2, rumors are swirling about what will happen to his oldest son, Buster Murdaugh, and whether or not he will receive anything from his father’s dwindling legal empire.

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his wife Maggie and his younger son Paul on Thursday. The disgraced attorney allegedly attempted to arrange his own murder in order to obtain insurance money for Buster Murdaugh, according to South Carolina authorities, who also suspect him of being involved in a scheme involving assisted suicide.

According to South Carolina media, the younger Murdaugh has collected at least $530,000 from the sale of Maggie Murdaugh’s estate, even though Alex Murdaugh’s plot to commit insurance fraud to obtain money for Buster finally failed.

It was Decided To Strike Buster Murdaugh’s Name From The Mallory Beach Case

Buster Murdaugh reportedly lives on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White, according to Yahoo. Alex Murdaugh granted his oldest son the authority to sell and dispose of his assets in September 2021. According to WCIV, Buster stated that he was unable to pay for necessities like food, utilities, and health insurance when the court ordered that the family’s assets be frozen.

Did Buster Murdaugh Inherit Money
Did Buster Murdaugh Inherit Money

Buster Murdoch reportedly used his portion of the proceeds from the sale of the family house to settle a different case, though it is unknown if he is currently employed.

The incident included Mallory Beach, a friend of the Murdaugh family who died in a boat accident, and Buster was temporarily implicated in it. Buster Murdaugh and his parents were accused of aiding the then-underage teen in obtaining alcohol, while Beach’s family asserted that the now-deceased Paul Murdaugh had been operating the boat while intoxicated.

After the settlement, Buster Murdaugh’s name was removed from the Mallory Beach case, however, his legal worries may be far from ended. He was also connected to the death of Stephen Smith, a former buddy whose body was discovered in Hampton County in 2015, per the Netflix documentary The Murdaugh Murders.

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According to WCBD, Smith died from blunt force injuries, most likely as a result of a hit-and-run accident, at the time of his death. After speaking with witnesses, investigators allegedly concluded that Buster and Smith had a romantic relationship, according to ABC.

According to claims and rumors made by residents of Hampton County, Smith’s death may have been an effort to hide a relationship between Smith and the Murdaugh scion. This information was reported by The Greenville News.

In June 2021, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division reopened the murder investigation after it had previously gone cold. No suspects have been confirmed as of February 2023.

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