Die Hart Cast: Have A Look Into The Detail Of Second Season

Kevin Hart Roku’s original comedy “Die Hart” is bringing in some new talent for Season 2. The streaming service announced that John Cena, Ben Schwartz, and Paula Pell have joined the cast of “Die Hart 2: Die Harter.”

Die Hart Cast: Who Is Back For The Second Season?

Nathalie Emmanuel will resume her role in Season 2 in addition to the new actors. Tripper Clancy is back as the writer, and Eric Appel is back in charge of directing. Atlanta has started on “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” production. The series’ Roku Channel debut has not yet been scheduled, although it will be free to watch (with advertisements).

Hart played a fictitious version of himself who ultimately fulfilled his dream of becoming a legitimate action hero in the first season of “Die Hart,” which also starred John Travolta. Hart now wants to establish himself as the greatest action star of all time in the second season.

A tweet from Die Hart fan praising the movie.

He has created a notion for a ground-breaking film in which the action is so spontaneous and unexpected that not even Kevin will know what will happen next. Nevertheless, Kevin has a blind spot in his vision, and he quickly himself the target of a wicked vengeance scheme, carried out by someone from his past.

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Hart needs the assistance of his favorite co-star Jordan King (Emmanuel), his overzealous assistant Andre (Schwartz), Andre’s mother Cynthia (Pell), and renowned stuntman Mr. 206 in order to survive (Cena).

Working with Kevin, Nathalie, and our amazing new cast mates in Atlanta makes me so pleased to be back, Appel stated. Our fictional version of Kevin Hart is 100 times more petty and greedy in his continued desire to become a “genuine” action hero. “The scope of this second season feels a lot greater,” says Kevin Hart.

In addition to “Peacemaker,” “The Suicide Squad,” “F9: The Fast Saga,” and “Vacation Friends,” Cena is a WWE Superstar. In addition to his work on “Parks and Recreation,” Schwartz is most known for his roles in “The Afterparty” and “Space Force” and as “Sonic the Hedgehog” in the Paramount movie series.

Pell contributed to “Saturday Night Live” for many years as a writer. Some of her acting roles include “Girls5eva,” “AP Bio,” and “Big Mouth.

Die Hart Cast: Who Is Back For The Second Season?
Die Hart Cast: Who Is Back For The Second Season?

After Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi’s short-form video subscription service failed, the company picked up the show through the acquisition of its assets, and Season 1 of “Die Hart” debuted on the Roku Channel in May 2021. The series became the first Roku original series that the company renewed after a record number of households watched it in its premiere and ordered a second season.

Other Information About Die Hart Cast

Hart is also “Die Hart 2’s” executive producer. The show is produced by his Hartbeat media firm, with executive producers Jeff Clanagan, Candice Wilson Cherry, Bryan Smiley, Thai Randolph, Mike Stein, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Kevin Healey, and Ty Walker.

Kevin Hart and John Travolta received three Emmy nominations for Season 1 of “Die Hart” in the category of actor and actress in the short-form series (Nathalie Emmanuel). According to Colin Davis, head of scripted originals for the Roku Channel, “This franchise has leveled up with the return of Nathalie Emmanuel and Kevin Hart and the addition of Paula Pell, Ben Schwartz, and John Cena.”

“This combination of comedy talent has filled the set with uninterrupted laughter, and it’s just the latest example of our fantastic creative relationship and growing partnership with Heartbeat,” said Heartbeat.

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Bryan Smiley, the chief content officer at Heartbeat, continued, “Heartbeat is eager to build on the humorous, action-packed universe that our cast and creative team have created. The praise we’ve gotten from viewers who keep finding and binge-watching the show is amazing and a testament to the Roku Channel’s enormous audience reach.

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