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We will have full detail about East New York Cast in this article. Police dramas are a television genre that networks always seem to have an abundance of. There are always dedicated on-screen police officers to be found in programs like Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Organized Crime, Chicago P.D., 9-1-1, and others. On October 2, though, TV made room for East New York, another procedural program.

The program follows Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood (Amanda Warren) of the 74th Precinct in East New York as she attempts to guide her team toward a transformed approach to policing that not only necessitates that they think and act in a different way’ but also necessitates the trust of the locals in a community that she is quite familiar with.

She is resolute despite the fact that neither aspect of the task at hand is simple. Exactly who else is on Haywood’s crew for her assignment, then?

The East New York cast is shown below.

East New York Cast: Amanda Warren As Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood

East New York, a working-class area on the outskirts of Brooklyn, recently promoted Regina Haywood to command the 74th Precinct. She’s motivated to bring about change in her new position and alter how police are carried out. Although admirable, her mission is not wholly driven by altruistic motives. She cares deeply about the locals and has strong familial links there.

East New York Cast: Amanda Warren As Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood
East New York Cast: Amanda Warren As Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood

Unsurprisingly, her objectives are met with opposition not only from people on the force but also from those in the community she has pledged to serve and protect because her new perspective on policing bucks against a system that has been in place for centuries.

East New York Cast: Jimmy Smits As Chief John Suarez

Insightful and well-recognized, John Suarez is a commanding officer in the NYPD. He wants Haywood to be successful in her new role because he is both her mentor and her supervisor. Yet, because he was the “teacher” and she was the “student,” he frequently believes he is right and the two occasionally disagree. This is particularly true given that he doesn’t always approve of her more modern approaches to police work.

As Suarez, Jimmy Smits is cast. Smits is well-known to many thanks to his several notable roles, which include those in How to Get Away with Murder, The West Wing, and NYPD Blue. He appeared in Obi-Wan Kenobi and In the Heights more recently.

East New York Cast: Ruben Santiago-Hudson As Officer Marvin Sandeford

Haywood has familial connections to the East New York region, but Marvin Sandeford is undoubtedly the team’s resident specialist. He could end up being the most important part of Haywood’s plan because of his reputation as a highly recognized training officer and his local understanding. But, he currently seems to be unsure of whether her suggestions will actually be successful.

East New York Cast: Kevin Rankin As Detective Tommy Killian

One of those policemen who is opposed to change is Tommy Killian. He desires to stay rooted in tradition despite its shortcomings because he appreciates the traditional methods of guarding and serving.

Kevin Rankin, an actor, portrays Killian. Rankin has acted in TV productions such as Claws, The Umbrella Academy, and the wildly popular AMC series Breaking Bad.

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East New York Cast: Richard Kind As Captain Stan Yenko

Stan Yenko serves as Haywood’s right-hand guy. He is quite enthusiastic to assist Haywood with her new endeavors, unlike some of the other characters. His general attitude offers the show some lighthearted comic relief.

Starring as Yenko is Richard Kind. Many television programs, including Gotham, The Good Fight, and The Goldbergs, have featured Kind. He has also established a solid reputation as a voice actor and can be heard in the films Big Mouth, American Dad!, and Inside Out.

East New York Cast: Elizabeth Rodriguez As Detective Crystal Morales

As a detective, Crystal Morales has excellent intuition, but occasionally she resorts to unsavory methods of police that Haywood doesn’t like. If Haywood can get out of her own way, Morales will make a fantastic addition to the club.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, an actress, plays Morales in the movie. Orange Is the New Black, Power, and Shameless star Rodriguez is well-known for these roles.

East New York Cast: Olivia Luccardi As Officer Brandy Quinlan

Aspiring patrol officer Brandy Quinlan concurs with Haywood’s aim. She is the only volunteer to live in a neighborhood housing project inside the precinct as part of the new community policing movement because she believes in it so strongly.

Quinlan is portrayed by Olivia Luccardi. Recent sightings of Luccardi in the mini-series The Thing About Pam. Her appearance in Orange Is the New Black has also made her well-known.

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East New York Cast: Lavel Schley As Officer Andre Bentley

Andre Bentley is a trainee cop from the upper middle class who is enthusiastic about the chance to change the neighborhood. He naturally collaborates closely with his mentor Sandeford and is eager to learn new things.

Lavel Schley portrays Bentley. Although relatively new to the acting field, Schley’s most notable role to date has been in East New York. He also appeared in the comedy Grown-ish.

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