Elon Musk Unblocks Everyone On Twitter

Earlier morning, I found something amusing on Twitter: Elon Musk appeared in my newsfeed. Since Musk tweets frequently, this may be a common occurrence for most users of the social media network, but Musk blocked me in 2019. It seems that Musk had decided to stop blocking me, and it turns out that I wasn’t the only one.

On Monday night, Musk declared that he had unblocked everyone he had ever blocked in the past. Additionally, it probably has something to do with Musk’s apparent annoyance about the lack of user engagement in the business he paid $44 billion to acquire.

In response to a tweet speculating about the move, Musk tweeted on Friday, “I did delete all blocks from my account (shouldn’t affect anyone else).

Strangely, Musk didn’t block me for anything I tweeted to him. After I posted an article for Gizmodo about how Musk had gone out to dinner in Malibu and drove the Cybertruck on its first-ever outing in the wild, the CEO of Twitter blocked me in December 2019.

Elon Musk Unblocks Everyone On Twitter
Elon Musk Unblocks Everyone On Twitter

While exiting the restaurant, Musk struck a pylon that said “no left turns” as he was making a left turn. In the narrative, I made fun of the car and his driving skills, but I didn’t send Musk the story or even communicate with him.

But not long after the tale was released, I became blocked. He had seen the article because he went looking for me on Twitter to block me from ever seeing his tweets again. or so I believed.

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