Results Of Emmett Till Injuries Autopsy And Talks With The Boy’s Family About Investigation

As per Action News 5: Chicago, Ill. More than 50 years after the savage killing of Emmett Till, 14, in Mississippi for whistling at a white lady, the boy’s family met with federal investigators to talk about the exhumed body’s final examination and to learn more about the case.

According to the study that was made public on Thursday, Till had fractures in his wrist, skull, and leg in addition to a gunshot wound to the head. The report stated that “the crown of his head was just crushed out” and “a chunk of his skull just dropped out” when his body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River in the summer of 1955.

Additionally, the report provided a timetable created from witness accounts and stated that a third individual had given a deathbed confession.

Soon after the murder, the white woman’s husband Roy Bryant, and his half-brother J.W. Milam were accused of killing Till but were found not guilty by an all-white jury. Later, in an interview with Look magazine in 1956, both men—who are now deceased—confessed.

Emmett Till Injuries Autopsy
Emmett Till Injuries Autopsy

Leslie Milam, a relative of the two men, allegedly confessed as well before he passed away, according to the new allegation.

Ollie Gordon, Till’s cousin and one of a dozen family members who read the findings with federal investigators on Thursday, said, “We just wanted the truth. The family has found consolation in simply understanding reality.”

After reopening the Till investigation in 2004 and exhuming the boy’s body in 2005, the FBI chose not to file charges in 2017. The matter was given to local prosecutors, with the FBI suggesting a closer look at Bryant’s wife, Carolyn Bryant Donham, now 73.

Late last month, a Mississippi grand jury decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to indict her, thereby putting an end to the case.

“We believed that given the investigation took so long and the findings were what they were, we would sit face-to-face with the family to answer any questions,” said Joyce Chiles, the chief prosecutor on the case.

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Simeon Wright, Till’s cousin, had pushed for a deeper inquiry while the adolescent was with him the night he was abducted from an uncle’s house in Money, Miss.

The evidence they had, in my opinion, was sufficient to indict, Wright said on Thursday. “Up to this point, every single murderer has gotten away with it.”

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In 1955, during a four-day public visitation in Till’s Chicago hometown, approximately 100,000 people filed past his open casket. In Jet magazine, a graphic depiction of his face caused widespread outrage and sparked the civil rights movement.

Till’s mother, who wanted to display the horror of racism to the world by having her son’s coffin opened, passed away in 2003. She shared a grave with him.

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