In A Lawsuit Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman Alleges She Was Deceived Into Leaving Her House And then Locked Out

In a lawsuit, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend requests that a Florida judge revoke the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that she signed with him.

Attorneys representing Erica Herman, who started d@ting Mr. Woods in 2017, point to a recent rule that restricts the use of NDAs in cases involving s*xual assault and harassment.

There are no specific allegations of harassment or assault in Ms. Herman’s claim.

Erica Herman Alleges She Was Deceived Into Leaving Her House And then Locked Out
Erica Herman Alleges She Was Deceived Into Leaving Her House And then Locked Out

She claims in a different complaint that she is entitled to about $30 million (£25 million) and that Mr. Woods locked her out of the house they shared.

Upon being contacted by BBC News on 8 March 2023 Wednesday for comment, Mr. Woods’ 47-year-old representative Mark Steinberg did not respond right away.

Against the NDA, a legal complaint was brought on Monday in Martin County, Florida, close to where the couple had been living together.

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According to the document, Ms. Herman’s contract with Mr. Woods is “illegal and unenforceable” as a result of the Speak Out Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law in December 2022 and restricts the validity of NDAs in situations involving s*xual assault or harassment.

Her lawyers claim that Ms. Herman is unsure of “what other facts about her own life she may communicate or with whom” at this time.

An inquiry for a response from the BBC was not immediately answered by her lawyer Benjamin Hodas.

Fox News share a tweet about Erica Herman leaving home and subsequently being locked out, moving downwards and checking it:

There has been no official announcement of the couple’s separation. Since attending the US Open tennis event in New York in August of last year, they have not been spotted together in public.

The Woods Jupiter, a Florida restaurant owned by the 15-time major champion, employed Ms. Herman, 38.

She claims that she was duped into leaving the house that they shared in order to lock her out in a separate case she filed in October against a homestead trust owned by Mr. Woods.

In particular, “through deceit, operatives of Defendant persuaded Plaintiff to pack a suitcase for a brief trip and, when she arrived at the airport, they informed her she had been locked out of her apartment,” according to court papers obtained by the BBC.

According to that judicial action, Ms. Herman’s personal belongings were subsequently taken from her Florida home in Hobe Sound.

She adds that trust representatives afterward made “scurrilous and defamatory assertions about how she received the money” after “misappropriating” $40,000 of her money, which she claims.

Ms. Herman has frequently been shown by Mr. Woods’ side during the previous six years, including throughout his recovery from a serious automobile accident that, at first, seemed to be the end of his golfing career.

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