How Did Fat Joe Weight Loss From 470 to 200 Pounds Succeed?

One of the most popular singers of all time is Fat Joe. The rapper, who was born in the Bronx as Joseph Antonio Cartagena, has been very honest about his battles to lose weight. He is 52 years old. Even the fact that he was a big guy gave him an idea for his rap name. Fat Joe has been on a journey to lose weight for over a decade, even though he has kept his name.

Fat Joe has talked a lot over the years about how he lost weight and has always been a strong supporter of living a healthy life. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about how Fat Joe has lost weight over the years.

How Was Fat Joe’s Weight Loss Journey?

Fat Joe, who once weighed 470 pounds at his heaviest and battled despair, has described his miraculous weight loss metamorphosis. Joe, 52, admitted that he went into a deep depression following the untimely p@ssing of his friend and fellow rapper Big Pun in the year 2000.

You may learn everything you need to know about jow’s weight loss journey in the detailed Twitter post that follows:

Joe claimed In an interview that he started drinking heavily and putting on weight, to the point where he weighed 470 pounds. “When you’re fighting yourself, there isn’t a wall high enough that you can build,” said the rapper. “There isn’t an island you can go to. There isn’t a place you can go to where you get away from it, because you’re fighting your mind.”

He added:

“You wake up, and then the minute you think about it, your brain sends you a message to say, ‘We’re not supposed to be happy. And then you fall right back into depression.”

Joe’s best buddy and mentor Pun, who was approximately 700 pounds at the time of his de@th at age 28, d!ed suddenly. Fat Joe also speaks about the loss of Big Pun.

Joe claimed he made the decision to alter his way of life after witnessing Pun’s little daughter at the funeral. Comparatively, “She was the same age as my daughter,” he reflected. I warned him, “You’ve got to lose weight, or you’re out of here.”

Fat Joe Weight Loss

He remarked, “Your body is just a computer.” As the slogan goes, “It reads stuff you eat in different ways.” Joe stated he now monitors his health stats such as BP, cholesterol, and glucose levels on a regular basis.

“It gets really, really scary when you think you’re doing everything right and your numbers are higher than you want,” he said. “I could do the same thing now that I did 10 years ago, and now my numbers are a bit higher because I’m older, and my metabolism and body are getting older. So you gotta try new ways to figure out how to keep your stuff under control.”

Joe mentioned that these days he finds cardio to be more effective than weight training for maintaining his fitness level. “Everybody is different, because I got some friends that love the gym, and these guys spend hours lifting weights,” he explained. “And they the ones that got the back problems.”

“You gotta do whatever keeps you healthy,” Joe added. “You start off exercising ten minutes a day, doing some cardio. Then 15 minutes. Then 20. And before you know it, you’re at 45, an hour. It’s a gradual thing.”

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What Was Fat Joe’s Diet and Exercise?

Joe has always been open about his strategies for losing weight. In an interview with VladTV from 2011, he said that “education” was a major component in his discovery of what was beneficial for him. While he freely admitted to liking sweet potatoes, he said he generally avoided grains like pasta, rice, and bread.

After breakfast, he would have protein with sautéed veggies or a salad instead of carbs, he said. “Not only do I feel better, I’m not missing anything. I still eat steak. I still eat my lobster,” he said. “I just don’t eat it with that rice and beans. I don’t eat it with that pasta. I don’t eat it with all that bread.”

Joe has not only been transparent about his dietary changes but also about his exercise schedule. He frequently uses bicycles and elliptical trainers. He also claims to begin each day with a brief bout of cardiovascular exercise, adding more time as he sees fit. Videos of him working out on a track can be found on his Instagram account.

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