Friends Demand Mass. Mom Accused Of Killing 3 Kids Was Devoted Parent Who Loved Her Children

According to friends and coworkers, the Massachusetts mother Lindsay Clancy, who is suspected of killing her three small children, was a loving parent who “lived and breathed” for her kids.

Numerous letters sent to Clancy’s defense team and just produced in court show the mother’s support from family members and even complete strangers.

According to, Erika Sevieri, a colleague, said of Lindsay Clancy, “I don’t know of a greater mom than she is.”

A colleague from Massachusetts General Hospital remarked, “She breathed and lived for her children.

Clancy, a resident of the sleepy seaside community of Plymouth, is charged with organizing the strangulation of her three young children at their home while her husband was away running errands for roughly 20 minutes.

Friends Demand Mass. Mom Accused Of Killing 3 Kids Was Devoted Parent Who Loved Her Children
Friends Demand Mass. Mom Accused Of Killing 3 Kids Was Devoted Parent Who Loved Her Children

After cutting herself, she reportedly attempted suicide by jumping out of her house’s window. The defense attorney for Lindsey Clancy claimed that his client was suffering from a mental disorder and was taking a lot of medication at the time of the murders.

Daughter Cora, 5, and son Dawson, 3, passed away in the hospital following the attack, and Callan, a 7-month-old baby, passed away a few days later. The father discovered the kids, who were wearing neck workout bands.

Authorities asserted that Clancy, who is currently receiving medical attention for her wounds in a hospital, planned the murders and committed them there, where the kids should have felt the safest.

However, Clancy’s defense lawyer claimed that his client was dealing with a mental disorder and had been given roughly a dozen prescription drugs to try to control it. Last Monday, defense counsel Kevin Reddington argued in court that the circumstances were “obviously the result of mental illness.”

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On January 26, 2023, in Duxbury, Massachusetts, a woman places flowers at a temporary memorial in front of 47 Summer Street. Getty Images through Media News Group

Clancy was checked by mental health doctors who concluded that she did not have postpartum depression or any of its symptoms, according to the prosecution.

According to pediatric nurse Stacey Kabat, she was astounded by Clancy’s medicine regimen in the days preceding her children’s assault on January 24.

According to, Kabat wrote: “We do very little to explicitly aid a mother suffering from postpartum depression, and when it comes to postpartum psychosis, we fail entirely.” “Our model of healthcare fails because that of the family [sic] like the Clancy family,” he added.

The Patriot Ledger said that Kabot, who first met Clancy while attending nursing school, also expressed her opinion in a letter that if Clancy “were handled responsibly, this family would still be together.”

In Duxbury, Massachusetts, on January 25, 2023, Clancy attempted suicide and strangled her three children. A police squad car is parked in the driveway of her home at 47 Summer Street. Getty Images / MediaNews Group

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The outlet stated that Clancy received support from dozens of moms in another letter from all throughout the state.

“As moms, we are expected to bear the weight of the entire world. Despite our internal challenges, we manage the agony and grin,” they apparently wrote.

Because so many of us have experienced postpartum depression, we can relate to Lindsay’s suffering.

Making ensuring her children feel “loved, safe, and happy” is, according to girlfriend Amy Bevins, Clancy’s greatest priority, stated.

For the past three and a half years, “I have implicitly trusted her with the care of my own child,” Bevins wrote. I’m convinced that being a mother and seeing her kids develop has given her the most joy.

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