Garena Free Fire OB40 Advance Server Termination Date? Features And Details

The most well-liked battle royale game on Garena is Free Fire (FF), and its creators are often adding fresh upgrades to keep the community engaged. Garena will update the game every two months with fresh new content as part of its bimonthly initiative. The most recent update, OB39, was released on March 22. The upcoming OB40 upgrade will replace it.

This article will tell gamers everything they want to know about the OB40 upgrade before it goes live. The information includes the release date of the next update, its duration, a sneak peek at the list of additions based on leaks, and more.

New Free Fire OB40 Advance Server: Program Termination Date?

OB40, the updated edition of Garena’s well-liked battle royale game, is almost approaching. The development team has announced the start of the testing server, also known as the Advance Server, so that gamers may preview the material before it is officially released.

According to the official schedule, it will start on May 19 and end on May 29, 2023. It is thus evident that the OB40 version will be released in the first week of June.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire OB40 Advance Server Features: Update Leaks

Several data miners have revealed the Free Fire OB40 Advanced Server’s new functionalities. Here are their recommendations for the new client-server features:

  • Many sources have suggested including a new female character called Jota in the story of Free Fire. As per the leaks, this character will have the unique ability to restore health after taking down opponents with shotguns or SMGs.
  • The new OB40 update will also bring in a new ranked season with new game modes, rewards, challenges, and more. As such, players can check out tips to get more kills in the game’s ranked mode.
  • The new update is expected to bring new improvements to the 4v4 gameplay of the Clash Squad mode. There is an expected inclusion of a vending machine in this game mode that will allow players to purchase weapons during the match.
  • The weapon balance will also change with the new update. While some will receive buffs, others will be nerfed. Players can also check out the Free Fire weapon tier list here for better results.
  • There is also an expected addition of a new bundle known as the “Assassin Bundle,” which will bring new character skins, weapon skins, and some other in-game items for the players.

These are some of the most expected features of the Free Fire OB40 Advanced Server.

Advanced Server Registration Benefits

Signing up for the Free Fire OB40 Advanced Server has several advantages. The top advantages of registering are listed below.

  • The players of the Advanced Server will get the chance to try the new features and updates before worldwide fans get access to them. This will give them an early advantage and insight into the new content of the game.
  • There are also some amazing in-game rewards, such as skins, costumes, and other in-game items, waiting for these players as a thank-you gift for participating in the testing phase.

Here you can check out the steps to follow once the downloaded file of the latest FF OB40 Advance Server opens.

Here is a tweet about the Don’t miss your chance to claim the new character Orion for free by logging in on May 19th! You can see below:

How To Access The OB40 Advance Server?

According to the official statement, Garena will make the client-server files available on their official website. Directly from the website, players may download the APK file with ease. To access the application, users will require an activation code, though. To access the file, they are meant to get these codes. For players who haven’t yet gotten one, nevertheless, here are some Activation Codes.

These are some of the details that Free Fire players were most interested in learning about the new OB40 Advance Server. Before other players across the world can play the latest improvements to the game, use the activation codes to experience them firsthand. Keep in mind to go into the top game redemption codes in the meantime.

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