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A family comedy-drama called Heartland had its Canadian television debut on CBC on October 14, 2007. Amy Fleming and her older sister Louise “Lou” Fleming are followed on their family ranch, “Heartland,” in Alberta, where they live with their father Tim Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett, who is widowed, and hired farmhand Ty Borden.

The series is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke. The family unites and gets closer as they go through the highs and lows of ranch life.

The Actors Appeared In Heartland Cast

Amy, the series’ main character, uses natural horsemanship, an intuitive form of training and healing that her late mother Marion employed. Amy was severely hurt in a vehicle accident that killed Marion when she was fifteen years old. On his property, Heartland, Marion’s father Jack (Amy’s grandfather) was hosting them.

Tim, Amy’s estranged father, visited her while she was recovering. Tim was exiled by Jack years previously because of his drug and alcohol abuse. Although Lou, the older sister who works in New York City, returns to Heartland following Marion’s passing, Amy learns to deal with her father’s re-entry into her life.

Amber Marshall Plays Amy Fleming

The granddaughter of Jack, who owns the Heartland ranch, Amy is a horse whisperer. In the first episode of the show, her mother Marion perished in a car accident, and Amy was unable to attend her mother’s burial because of her injuries. Her estranged father Tim and her sister Lou, who had been employed in New York, both make appearances in the first season.

Heartland Cast
Heartland Cast

Amy begins d@ting ranch worker Ty Borden, and the two eventually tie the knot and have a child. Ty tragically died at the start of season 14, leaving Amy to adjust to being a single mother to daughter Lyndy Marion.

Michelle Morgan Plays Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming Morris

Lou is Amy’s sister, and after her mother passes away, she returns to Heartland. After leaving a prestigious career in New York, she decides to take over the ranch’s operations and finances. Lou begins d@ting Peter Morris, the head of a small oil company, and the two eventually marry and have a daughter named Katie.

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Later, the couple adopts Georgie (absent from season 15), but after many difficulties, including a move to Dubai, they decide to split up. Later on, Lou and Mitch had a committed relationship; today, Lou serves as mayor of Hudson.

Shaun Johnston Plays Jackson ‘Jack’ Bartlett

Jack is the head of the household, the grandpa of Amy and Lou, and the proprietor of the Heartland ranch. He is also a former rodeo champion, and because of his obstinacy, he frequently butts heads with family members. As Amy loses Ty, he turns into her rock.

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Jessica Steen Plays Lisa Stillman

Horse breeder Lisa is the proprietor of Fairfield Stables. Throughout the series, she had a protracted and tumultuous relationship with Jack, but they are now married. Katie, the daughter of Lou and Peter, has her as her godmother.

Chris Potter Plays Timothy ‘Tim’ Fleming

Tim, who makes a comeback at the beginning of the season, is the father of Amy and Lou. He had cut himself off from the family because of his drug and alcohol abuse. Recently, he has developed unexpected feelings for Jessica, a new visitor to the ranch.

Heartland Cast
Heartland Cast

Kerry James Plays Caleb Odell

Ty, Amy’s husband, and Caleb, a ranch hand, were great friends. Although he has also starred in Stargate Universe and the 2010 television movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, James is best recognized for his performance in Heartland.

Madison Cheeatow Plays Jade Verani

Jade is Georgie’s rebellious best friend and a die-hard rodeo fan. She can be difficult to get along with but is fierce and will not back down from a battle.

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The second season of the Shudder original series Slasher, which also included Katie McGrath from Merlin in the first season, featured Cheeatow. She also played the lead in the Canadian television series Hudson.

Ava Tran As Parker Yang

Jade’s new step-sister Parker is a climate activist, environmentalist, and city girl. Her numerous opinions almost all make Jack crazy. When Tran first appeared on Heartland in season 14, she was just 12 years old.

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