How Kitty Pryde Return Impacts Marvel Snap Meta?

The Kitty Pryde card is now available to all players as part of Marvel Snap’s most recent update as an apology for the card being taken out of the game for such a long time. After updating to the most current version of the game, users can find this card in their collection by logging into Marvel Snap.

As a result, Kitty Pryde will start appearing in matches as players test out new strategies with her revamped ability. Although it’s unclear how Kitty Pryde will fit into the current metagame of Marvel Snap, she might be the ideal counter to another recently released card.

In March 2023, the card was first added to Marvel Snap during the Days of Future Past season. Kitty Pryde was swiftly taken out of Marvel Snap due to several game-breaking problems brought on by her unique ability. Following this removal, the game’s creator, Second Dinner, declared that Kitty Pryde would return in May 2023 and be made available to all players without charge. Thanks to her return to the game, Players can finally discover how valuable a card she can be.

Kitty Pryde Could Counter Nebula

Kitty Pryde’s initial ability allowed players to return the card to their hand and give it an additional +2 Power each time. This ability was necessary because it was a 1-Cost/0-Power card. Still, it violated other Marvel Snap rules because no other card could be returned to a player’s hand at will, which resulted in numerous unintentional game-breaking problems.

Her new power still gives her a +2 Power boost whenever the card is returned to the player’s hand, but it can no longer be done so voluntarily; instead, it is now done automatically at the beginning of each turn.

How Kitty Pryde Return Impacts Marvel Snap Meta

Kitty Pryde has the potential to develop into a virtual card in the current Marvel Snap metagame, although this ability might not look as potent as her previous ability. She might seriously threaten Nebula, a Season Pass card from Guardians Greatest Hits.

Nebula’s current ability to gain +2 Power each turn an opponent doesn’t play a card at her location makes her a little bit overwhelming. The new Nebula is a better Sunspot because it is a 1-Cost/1-Power card. Sunspot had previously been nerfed because of his heavy usage and great victory rate.

We also noted some of the other games that will be released, which you can see here:

If an opponent has this potent Guardian of the Galaxy card in their deck, Kitty Pryde might be a valuable counter to run in various deck types until Nebula gets nerfed. Kitty Pryde is a simple alternative to play turn after turn at the same place as an opponent’s Nebula to ensure she never receives the +2 Power from her ability.

TLSG Marvel Snap tweeted that Kitty Pryde Is BACK! You can see below:

She is merely a 1-Cost card that returns to the player’s hand each game. Kitty Pryde, owned by the player, will continue to gain strength when she returns to their hand each turn for +2 Power, giving her an excellent opportunity to act as a counter-Nebula.

The bounce deck archetype, which concentrates on playing inexpensive cards and then returning them to the player’s hand using powers of cards like Beast or Falcon, is where Kitty Pride would ideally slot in. This tactic can be used in conjunction to strengthen cards like Marvel Snap’s Devil Dinosaur, The Collector, or even Hit Monkey. Given her ability, Kitty Pryde fits in perfectly with the bounce archetype and other Marvel Snap decks that aim to lessen the impact of an opponent’s Nebula card.

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