How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution outlined the procedures that the American government must follow. Find out How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution? by reading on. It’s possible that the U.S. Constitution has never been mentioned more in news reports, TV shows, common speech, and conversations around the water cooler than it is right now.

The Constitution, a living document that founded the federal government and its branches, and controls the people of the United States, is a living document that is continuously being interpreted. Yet, many people probably don’t know how many people signed it. From the below-given paragraph, read to know the people signed the constitution.

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?

The answer to the question “how many people signed the Constitution?” is 39, despite your likely assumption that it would be much higher given the document’s importance at the time and now. That’s right, the most famous legal document in history was signed by just 39 individuals, all of whom happened to be white property owners.

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?
How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?

Most people believe there were more signers and most Americans probably also believe these 10 myths about the Constitution; if you also want the information of 39 signatories then move to the next paragraph.

Who Were The Only 39 Signatories To The Constitution, And Why?

70 individuals attended the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia, most of whom had served in Congress and many of whom had fought in the American Revolution. According to, the convention’s original goal was to modify the Articles of Confederation.

Choosing not to send any delegates, Rhode Island. Strangely, only 55 representatives attended the bulk of Constitutional Convention meetings—even though there were 70 attendees—and no more than 46 were present at any given moment.

When Was The Constitution Signed?

The document was signed on September 17, 1787, marking the conference’s conclusion.

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?
How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?

Just Two Presidents signed the Constitution

The office of the President of the United States was established by the Constitution, although only two of the 39 signers held the position or would in the future. At the time of the signing, James Madison was the fourth president of the United States; George Washington, the first, was in office. The sole representative to attend each meeting was President Madison, regarded as the Father of the United States Constitution.

According to, Madison’s journal from the Constitutional Convention was kept a secret until after his passing. The government bought it in 1837 for $30,000 (equivalent to $695,000 today), together with other documents. The convention journal of Madison was eventually printed in 1840.

The Majority Of Constitutional Signers Were From This State

Although eight of the 39 signers were from Pennsylvania, just 20% of the delegates who signed the Constitution were from Virginia or New York.

The small state of Delaware today may appear quite insignificant to some, had the second-highest number of delegates (five) sign the U.S. Constitution, and it became the country’s first state on December 7, 1787, when all 30 of its delegates unanimously ratified it. Although Delaware is rightfully referred to be The First State, do you know what the other 50 states are known as?

Did Alexander Hamilton Sign The Constitution?

Certainly did! He was the lone New York delegate to sign the U.S. Constitution. Hamilton also made a strong case for the Constitution through his Federalist Papers, which are viewed as propaganda in favor of a more powerful federal government.

How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?
How Many Delegates Signed The Constitution?

The Constitutional Convention also addressed the issues of why Washington, D.C., is the location of the federal government and why the District is not a state.

Who Refused To Ratify The Constitution?

Curiously, the Constitution does not have the signature of one of the most well-known founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson did not ratify the Constitution. That’s because the third president, who would follow, was a U.S. minister in France.

But John Adams, our future second president, was also not present at the 1787 Constitutional Convention since he represented the United States as an envoy in Great Britain.

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