How Paul Murdaugh Provided From The Dead Testimony To Support His Father’s Conviction

It was a class excursion to a deserted town. The procession gently turned up the long driveway of the magnificent property off a rural road. The jury for Alex Murdaugh’s double homicide trial was kept in the convoy.

The Murdaugh family’s hunting cabin is called “Moselle” and belongs to Alex, his wife Maggie, and their sons Paul and Buster.
The little feed room and dog kennels where Paul was shot with a shotgun at close range were shown to the jury. Maggie has shot multiple times with a 300 rifle from a short distance away. Both weapons have never been located.

This estate once served as a symbol of the legal dynasty of the Murdaughs’ immense power and prominence. The wilted grounds now appear to reflect Alex Murdaugh’s precipitous decline from prominence: from a wealthy, influential lawyer to an admitted drug user, robber, and murderer.

How Paul Murdaugh Provided From The Dead Testimony
How Paul Murdaugh Provided From The Dead Testimony


On June 7, 2021, this is where Alex Murdaugh’s life fell apart.

911 OPERATOR: What’s your emergency?

ALEX MURDAUGH: This is Alex Murdaugh. My wife and child have been shot badly.

When Murdaugh was questioned by detectives that evening, he was ready to provide an explanation for the deaths of his wife and son.

The tweet is embedded for your reference, go for it:

ALEX MURDAUGH says to the officers in the patrol car: Paul, my son, was in a boating accident. There has been a lot of bad press about that and a lot of people online have said some pretty disgusting things.

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Around 2:20 in the morning on February 24, 2019, a boat carrying six young friends collided with a bridge, resulting in the collision that would murder Mallory Beach, age 19. The 911 call was made in a panic by Connor Cook.

CONNOR COOK: There’s six of us and one is missing.

911 DISPATCHER: Who’s missing?

CONNOR COOK: A female, Mallory Beach is missing. … She’s in the water.

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