How to Play Elise Jungle? Tips for Carrying Your Team

How to play Elise Jungle and solo climb the queue to win? This is our comprehensive instruction manual on how to become an Alice Man. Would you like to discover how to play Alice in the Jungle and successfully ascend the line alone? This is our comprehensive instruction manual on how to become an Alice Man. Ellis, one of the top AP champions, is gaining popularity.

She is an excellent ganker and diver, and her kit and early-game presence make her a constant threat to opposing lanes. However, maximizing his abilities demands a thorough knowledge of his build, run, and power spikes. Read attentively, and don’t forget to share with your friends if you need more knowledge about How To Play Elise Jungle To Carry Your Team.

Elise Jungle Playing Strategies for Carrying Your Team

First, Elias Press wants Supremacy to be the secondary tree and The Attack to be the Keystone Runner. This combo offers the extreme snowballing required to defeat Alice in a game. You can get all the quick runs you need below:

Elise will focus on using the strongest first- and second-item spikes to get an early advantage and take the lead as much as possible.

How to Play Elise Jungle
How to Play Elise Jungle

Therefore, Night Harvester and Shadowflame are the two finest essential mythic items for him.

Due to the additional magic penetration the Wizard’s Boots provides, you can one-shot even the weakest targets with a combination. After that, depending on whether you desire more significant damage or defense stats, you can choose Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rabadon’s Deathcap. The void staff, for even higher magical penetration, and Banshee’s Veil, magic resistance and shield, are more suitable options.


Elis is a strong early- to mid-game jungle champion that loses strength swiftly as the game progresses. In other words, the time when you are among, if not the best champion on the map, will only last a short while. You will experience a decline in value after levels 13–14 or 25 minutes since your combinations will be slower than those of other champions.

Your game approach will therefore be to swindle as much as you can and take resources to run essential equipment. After hitting jungle camps and leveling up, you can try to close any lanes with excessively high or low health. You would utilize your combination of E>W>Q in human form and your W>Q in spider form. Use your E to deflect incoming turret shots if diving into a lane.

Your cue casts an executed spell, doing as much damage to a target with lower health as it does to you. You can leave a portion of your jungle camps to exert extra pressure on the map. You won’t fall behind as long as you gain experience and kills. If possible, try to play in the better lane; if you can’t end the game, they’ll take over as the carrier.

How to Play Elise Jungle
How to Play Elise Jungle

Utilize the Night Harvester’s inactive state after you acquire it to eliminate foes swiftly. Remember that Alice isn’t very effective in team fights; utilize your Rappel and Stun skillfully to transition. You will view that victory screen at the end of the game if you successfully take the lead and complete most of the objectives.


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