Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? When She Passed Away

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant- The Princess of Wales is reportedly expecting her fourth child. The theory has been around since right before The Queen passed away, and some have even asserted that she was fully aware of the pregnancy when she passed away.

Following the Queen’s burial, Kate and her husband William both kept a low profile, only to reappear this week with Kate sporting a new haircut. In the picture given below look at kate’s hand. Is She trying to hide her baby bump?

Hand Positioning Of Kate

When Kate would have just been a few weeks pregnant, rumors that she was carrying a child named Louis spread. While participating in a photocall at Kings Hospital in June 2017, she made sure that her hands were always shielding the cameras from her stomach even though she couldn’t possibly have been showing nine months prior to his arrival.

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant
Is Kate Middleton Pregnant

Even though Kate Middleton frequently clasps her hands in front of her, she appeared considerably more determined this time to keep her hands covering her stomach. Now have an eye on Is Kate Middleton Pregnant.

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Interested observers also noted that a short while afterward, Kate was shown newborn baby clothes and toys when on a royal visit to Poland. She turned to her spouse and made jokes about having another child at a time when no one knew she was pregnant.

It seems like it was more of an obvious clue that she was expecting than it was really a joke!

Here is some other celebrities’ pregnancy news:

Kate Frequently Visited The Hospital

If Kate’s many hospitalizations during each of her pregnancies due to severe morning sickness weren’t a warning sign, we don’t know what was. According to Closer, when the Duchess was rushed to the hospital in August, everyone assumed she was pregnant.

Change In Clothing Of Kate

We all adore Kate when she dons outfits that highlight her lovely frame because she has such a little frame. To cover up her modest belly, she started favoring looser-fitting clothing, as any pregnant woman would.

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant
Is Kate Middleton Pregnant

Kate Has Baby Madness

Kate has always expressed a desire for more children, and she constantly makes jokes and discusses expanding their family.

The following is a short list of things to look out for the next time Kate steps out for photos.

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