Is Parking Free At Disneyland? Here Is All To Know

According to Theme Park Center: Finding free parking at Disneyland (or close by) can save you a tonne of money because the cost of Disneyland parking is rising.

We’ll go over all the greatest strategies for getting free parking at Disneyland in this guide, as well as potential locations where you can find free parking nearby.


Becoming friends with a Cast Member, who receives free parking at the resort, is one of the simplest ways to earn free parking at Disneyland.

Is Parking Free At Disneyland?
Is Parking Free At Disneyland?

Disneyland Cast Members will be given free parking when they present their employee identification card at any of the Disneyland parking lots.

This only applies to the car the cast member is in; it does not apply to any additional vehicles that could be traveling with the cast member.

Check the below-embedded tweet about Disneyland-

As long as everyone is in the same car, there is no restriction on how many guests a Cast Member can transport into Disneyland’s parking garages for free.


At any Disneyland, handicapped parking is not free; instead, it costs the same as regular parking.

Each parking lot at the Disneyland Resort is covered by this (Simba Lot, Pixar Pals, Toy Story Lot, Mickey & Friends).


There are just two ways to gain free parking, excluding knowing or becoming a cast member at Disneyland. Purchasing an Inspire Magic Key and using it to access free parking is the easiest way to do so. The highest-level Magic Key is the Inspire Magic Key, and it’s also the only Magic Key with free parking.

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Depending on how frequently and when you plan to visit Disneyland, the Believe and Enchant Keys (the other two Magic Key varieties) can be more valuable even if they merely offer a parking price discount. There aren’t any multi-day passes, unique “parking passes,” or current promotions that provide free parking with purchase.

The alternative option is to join Club 33 or make a reservation to Join the club in order to receive free parking at Disneyland. It’s not simple to join Club 33 because you have to wait on a long waiting list and spend upwards of $10,000 a year to keep your membership.


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