Jack Rudd And Paul Rudd Celebrate The Super Bowl Victory

A recent interview with Paul Rudd and his teenage son, Jack, has gone viral online. The actor and his kid were among the tens of thousands of Kansas City Chiefs supporters who watched the NFL team upset the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVI on Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

Rudd, a devoted supporter of the Missouri-based team, and Jack were interviewed by Fox Sports on the field after the Chiefs’ historic victory. The “Ant-Man” actor and his son, Jack, who was born in 2006, lauded the Kansas Chiefs and their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes; but, the interview’s high point was how much Jack resembled his father.

Despite the fact that they are clearly father and son, their voices sound so similar.

Jack Rudd And Paul Rudd Celebrate The Super Bowl Victory
Jack Rudd And Paul Rudd Celebrate The Super Bowl Victory

“It’s just unbelievable. What a fantastic game it was. Wow, everything seems so daunting. Incredible, “Rudd, whose family includes wife Julie Yaeger, Jack, and daughter Darby, 13, told the Fox Sports reporter.

Jack continued, “I just wanted to thank Patrick Mahomes for being here and for doing all the hard work so we can all just enjoy his awesomeness every week. “I’m so grateful I’m still around to see this. He seems too real to be a real person. I’m not sure how to describe it.”

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When the interview was shared on Fox Sports’ Twitter account, many quickly pointed out the similarities between Rudd and his kid.

The kid of Paul Rudd is more like Paul Rudd than Paul Rudd, Someone wrote.

“Include his son in films. He’s a carbon copy of his dad, someone else tweeted. “He’s absolutely like him! My favorite.”

“Holy cow, they sound precisely the same,” a commenter added.

During a recent interview on “Sunday Today With Willie Geist,” Rudd, who has been promoting the third “Ant-Man” movie, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” revealed an amusing story about his son.

Rudd admitted that he didn’t want to inform his small children that he was a well-known actor when they were young. Instead, he gave his kids the impression that dad was just a great employee at the neighborhood movie theatre.

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