Why Did Jarrod And Brandi Divorce From Storage Wars?

In this article, we read about Jarrod, And Brandi’s divorce; the undisputed king and queen of squabbling won a lot of fans for their unique chemistry and a seemingly endless string of arguments over whose locker is worth it. They announced their separation in the Storage Wars Season 13 premiere in April 2021; since then, fans have been scrambling to learn more. Have they divorced?

Jarrod And Brandi divorce

According to distractify, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz parted ways long ago, but there was never a legal separation.

Jarrod And Brandi divorce
Jarrod And Brandi divorce

Brandi and Jarrod had been friends for a long time before the start of Storage Wars Season 1, so they were in it for the long haul.

Being equally obstinate, they encountered some difficulties when appearing on the show. The majority of these have to do with financial choices and business-related challenges. They previously co-owned Now and Then, a resale shop in Orange, California, in addition to their employment as TV personalities. Payton and Cameron, two children, were also raised by them up until the fall of the empire.

Brandi and Jarrod decided to remain silent about their split for a while, in contrast to certain other media celebrities. They split up in November 2018 after delaying the announcement for several years.

In 2020, they first admitted what had transpired. Storage Wars Season 13 debut provided some additional information on the most recent developments (or lack thereof) between the stars.

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In the episode, Brandi affirmed, “I’m not with Jarrod anymore.”

Jarrod said in a confessional, “Just because Brandi and I aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean we can’t go to an auction, but separately.”

Early in 2021, Brandi revealed to Distractify that she wouldn’t look forward to running into Jarrod.

Fortunately, I don’t encounter him frequently, she replied. “About three years have passed since our breakup, and while I would want to claim that it was somewhat amicable, it wasn’t. Even if it is a little tense, we manage to get through it.”

She said, “Actually, I’m thrilled to be doing this alone out there. I went [to the auctions] with a few friends, and I think it’s going to be funny and interesting. I also believe this season has me more excited than previous ones.” If you also want to read their children, move to the next paragraph.

Do Jarrod and Brandi have children?

Cameron and Payton are the son and daughter of Jarrod and Brandi.

She frequently posts pictures of her kids to social media, but in a post, she claimed she stopped because “creepy a** people were pestering them.”

She discussed being a single mother on The Dad Diary in 2020 and said: “I did a lot of things on my own anyhow, but what we’re missing is the terrifying dad voice in the background.

“I must navigate it because they are here with me constantly, 24 hours a day.”

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