Jay Briscoe Net Worth…Source Of His Earning.

Let’s start the discussion about Jay Briscoe’s Net Worth. Jamin Pugh, better known by his ring as Jay Briscoe, was an American professional wrestler who competed from January 25, 1984, until January 17, 2023. In Ring of Honor, he was most known for his partnership with his brother Mark Briscoe as the Briscoe Brothers. The pair set a record by winning the title of ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions a record-breaking 13 times and also won the ROH World Championship twice. In the next paragraph… we are ready to know Briscoe’s net worth.

What Is Jay Briscoe’s Net Worth And Earnings?

Professional wrestler Jay Briscoe once competed. Genius Celebs and some other sources claim that his estimated net worth at the time of his passing in 2023 was close to $5 million. Despite the fact that his actual net worth is unknown, it is clear that he could make more money in his profession. He had a prosperous wrestling career and continued to have prosperous years.

Jay Briscoe Net Worth
Jay Briscoe Net Worth

But sadly, he passed away only recently. Since 2002, Jay has been under contract with the Ring of Honor (ROH). He participated in wrestling and frequently teamed up with his brother, One of the most well-known wrestling teams was the Briscoe Brothers team.

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What Is The Cause Of Jay Briscoe’s Death?

Pugh passed away in an automobile accident in Laurel, Delaware on January 17, 2023, eight days before he turned 39 and one day before his brother turned 38. His daughters, who were also in the car, were seriously hurt. Tony Khan, the owner of AEW and ROH, tweeted about his passing.  On January 18, a Briscoe homage episode of Ring of Honor Honor Club was produced.

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