Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Spotted On New $500M Superyacht

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are not wasting any time in enjoying his new superyacht, which cost an estimated $500 million, as seen by the fact that they have changed into a swimsuit and are tanning on the deck of the enormous ship.

The billionaire and his girlfriend are sailing aboard the gigantic vessel. They are currently cruising around Mallorca, Spain, and enjoying the sunshine on the expansive deck of the boat.

For the first leg of their journey, Jeff wore only a pair of blue trunks, and Lauren wore a pink bikini. They were seen on a new $500M superyacht. You can see below:

 On board the new 417-foot-long, three-masted schooner owned by the founder of Amazon and given the name Koru, the Maori term for new beginnings. Judging whether the boat or their smiles are more significant isn’t easy. The yacht was delivered this week after significant delays, including that minor dispute in the Netherlands. Of course, Jeff should be in a cheerful mood aboard his newest toy; after all, the yacht was finally delivered this week.

Jeff and Lauren directed the ship’s captain to take them around the island, and they stopped in a cove along the way. They did not leave the floating village, which is to be anticipated, given that they had invested half a billion dollars in the vessel.

Even if he turns out to be an exception to the rule, the two happiest days of a man’s life are the day he buys his yacht and the day he sells his yacht. Jeff appears to be enjoying himself in this picture, even though he may be an exception to this rule.

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez

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