See Jimmy Fallon On The Voice Push Blake Shelton To Turn Around In His Blind Audition

According to People: Jimmy Fallon put his vocal abilities to the test on The Voice on 7 march,2023 Tuesday, as he played “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Close)” for the coaches.

In the episode that aired on Tuesday, the talk show host pulled a practical joke on the judges by holding his own blind audition.

The video’s host, Carson Daly, said at the beginning, “Our coaches are in for a treat. A musician is currently getting ready for the biggest performance of their whole career.”

The 48-year-old Fallon then entered the stage and sang “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Close)” with skill.

As they recognized who was singing, Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan were the first to turn around and burst out laughing. Then, as Fallon danced around the stage, Chance the Rapper turned around and screamed in amazement.

Jimmy Fallon On The Voice
Jimmy Fallon On The Voice

He stepped up to his chair and hit the red button for Blake Shelton as the song was about to end and he was still looking away.

“It is not something you can accomplish! You are aware of the regulations “Shelton, 46, stated.

After that, Fallon offered the country singer a bear embrace and congrats for 23 seasons on the show.

“Knowing it was Jimmy Fallon didn’t take me very long. He did not deserve to have the chair turned on this show, thus there was no way I was going to press my button. Jimmy’s impression is the same as approaching Michael McDonald and giving him a strong slap in the face “Shelton continued as Fallon left while singing.

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The “Sangria” singer disclosed that he intended to expand his one-man band with his fellow coaches when the coaches spoke to PEOPLE last week.

Shelton referred to the group as Different Directions while gesturing in Horan’s direction. Take it, and leave the performance.

Horan and Chance, two 29-year-old young coaches, are in their debut season.

Chance remarked about joining the show, “It feels like going to camp. “When you first arrive, you think, “Oh, I don’t know everyone.” You all become one large family in a matter of days.”

Horan continued: “The experience of the blind audition was fantastic. Although it was tense at first, as Chance noted, once you get into it, everyone on the show is wonderful. Except for Blake, it’s enjoyable.”

Coach Clarkson, 40, is in his seventh season after taking a break last year.

People tweeted about Jimmy Fallon On The Voice:

I am so happy to be back, Clarkson exclaimed. “You lose sight of how much you enjoy assisting others in developing their musical potential. That eluded me.”

Shelton added that he also missed Clarkson “so much,” perhaps with a tinge of sarcasm.

“I kept begging to be a guest on her talk show because of this,” he claimed, to which Clarkson responded, “I’ve asked him to cohost stuff with me. He rejects me!”

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