Jon Rahms Wife: How Did He Meet Kelly Cahill?

On November 10, 1994, Jon Rahm Rodriguez was born in Barrika, Biscay, Spain. He grew up in Spain, where he resided with his family. His mother is from Madrid, while his father is from Biscay. At a very young age, he started playing golf, and later on, he began competing for the Spanish national team at various levels.

He received a golf scholarship as well, moved to Arizona, and enrolled at Arizona State University after that. He succeeded in winning 11 college golf competitions. In his amateur career, he received numerous awards. Rahm, who resides in Arizona, wed American Kelley Cahill in 2019. They enjoy a wonderful life together with their two kids. Find out more about Jon Rahms’ wife here.

Who Is Jon Rahms Wife?

Kelley Cahill was born in February 1994, and her parents, Rob and Nancy, raised her. She grew up alongside her brother Marty in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the United States. Cahill has a background in sports, which helped her graduate from Arizona State University while participating in the javelin for the state. She has also dabbled in tennis, boxing, and track & field.

Jon Rahms Wife
Jon Rahms Wife

From 2018 to 2021, Jon Rahm was undoubtedly the finest player in the world, and the Spaniard finished the year as the top-ranked player. He won the US Open that year, his first Major victory. Along with success on the course, he and his wife welcomed their first child, Kepa, into the world. Having married Kelley Cahill in 2019, the pair are seen often at events. It’s probable that you’ll be interested in this Who Is Brandi Carlile Wife?

How Did Jon And Kelly Meet?

Both of them studied at Arizona State University, where Kelley participated in track and field as a javelin thrower for the Sun Devils, the school mascot. The Tennis Recruiting Network, a website that analyses junior tennis, lists her as a two-star recruit after she played high school tennis in Scottsdale, Arizona, indicating that she was also a very skilled tennis player.

The very competitive Jon(opens in new tab) and Kelley once engaged in a tennis battle against one another. She stated,  “He’s killing forehands … crosscourt zingers, and I’m thinking, ‘This can’t be right’. He was so good. I was so upset. I was actually mad for a day or two… We have not set foot on a tennis court since.”

Kelly Cahill Was An Athlete At The College

Rahm wasn’t the only athlete competing for Arizona State; Cahill competed for the school’s track and field team. For ASU, the native of Oregon threw the javelin, setting a career-best throw at the ASU Invitational in 2013. But Rahm has never tried his wife’s event.

He described the javelin throw to Golf Digest as “such a weird motion.” You have to rely on overhand strength, which I don’t have because I play golf. She is much stronger overhand than I am. Additionally, I didn’t want to hurt myself.

“It’s such a weird motion,” he told Golf Digest about the javelin throw. “You have to rely on overhand strength, and as a golfer, that’s not something I have. She has a lot more overhand strength than I do. And I didn’t want to injure myself.”

Cahill’s javelin skills also translate to another sport: football. Rahm has shared videos of Cahill’s impressive football-throwing abilities on Instagram.

“Yes, she throws a mean spiral!! I better stick to golf,” Rahm captioned a series of video clips of Cahill throwing in 2017.

John And Kelly Got Engaged In June 2018

Prior to Cahill’s participation in the 2018 U.S. Open in June 2018, Rahm proposed to her. In August of the same year, Rahm revealed to reporters at the PGA Championship, “He proposed with a ring he designed himself.”

Jon Rahms Wife
Jon Rahms Wife

The ring is mine. “I knew what I wanted, but she wanted to choose the diamond,” the Spanish pro stated.

It’s supposed to resemble a crown and have an engraving within, he continued. I played a major role in it. She loves it even if it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. That makes things a little more intimate.

Rahm said he was “100% sure she was going to say yes” and said he didn’t worry about the proposal itself.

“I wasn’t nervous much; the only worry I had was to make the day as perfect as possible,” he told reporters. “I got lucky that it turned out pretty perfect.”

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