Ken Masters Instructions In Street Fighter 6!

One of the most crucial things when creating a fighting game series is to ensure that your characters never seem monotonous or one-dimensional. We are all familiar with “clone characters” that exist only to occupy space and leave you wondering why they are there.

How To Play Ken Masters?

Except for Ken Masters, they’ve done a decent job keeping clones out of their territory for Street Fighter. He is one of the series stalwarts and Ryu’s closest buddy. But if you examine his movements, you’ll see that they frequently resemble Ryu’s. Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 won’t have that problem.

Their teacher, Gouken, taught him and Ryu; hence there were lore explanations for some similarities. They were therefore taught the same techniques. The Satsu Ino Hadu and the Power of Nothingness allowed Ryu to advance past it, whereas Ken remained static for several games and even wore the same attire.

The situation ultimately altered in the most recent mainstream game, though. He was given a fresh appearance and various variations on his well-known moves. In Street Fighter 6, those modifications are still being made. Ken is included in the second installment of Capcom’s “learn your fighters” films.

Street Fighter tweeted that Ken is an aggressive character with many powerful kicks to control space on the screen and plenty of ways to rush the opponent down and overwhelm their defenses. You can see below:

As you can see, they paid particular attention to Ken’s capacity to be more assertive and penetrate defenses this time. He still employs many traditional techniques, but he also has some new kicks to keep his adversary on the defensive and at a distance. He can also go close for throws and combinations to lower the opposition’s defense further.

Let’s have a look at some Upcoming Games and the dates they will be released:

He can be aggressive, but you can also play him in a balanced way such that he can block, dodge, and oppose hostile moves. So practice every move he has so you can use him precisely.

Ken Masters

Ken’s background is another advantage he has this time. Ken will be evading the law after being falsely accused of a crime in the game. He fled to find out who committed the atrocity to protect his family.

When people know Ken’s entire backstory and witness him in action, they should admire him even more.

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