Exclusive, Why Is Kevin Hart Trending on Twitter?

We all go through it. When we go to Twitter or Google Trends, we see things that make us wonder, “Why is this person trending today?” Most of us don’t have to deal with seeing our own names on that list and not knowing why.

And this is what happened to Kevin Hart on Monday.

Why Is Kevin Hart Trending on Twitter?

“Can somebody tell me why I am trending ….I got endless memes being sent to my damn phone from a bunch of my dumbass friends”, Hart tweeted next to a barrage of laughing emojis.

“WTF is going on???? Gotta admit that they are funny as hell though”, Hart added.

Kevin Hart Just Announced That He Will Go on A Comedy Tour in 2023

The famous person from Philadelphia just announced a comedy tour that will start March 19 in Honolulu, Hawaii, go as far as New Zealand, and end June 10 in Gary, Indiana. But it’s not likely that’s why he’s popular. As of 2022, he had already done 88 comedic shows nationwide.


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Hart may not know why he’s popular, but he’s definitely having a good time with it. Over 40,000 tweets about him were sent out in just 24 hours. The comedian shared one of the memes made about him with his followers and said, “This f***ing killed me.”

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