Kim Jong Un And His Daughter Went To A Soccer Game

In the midst of rumors that he is putting his daughter Kim Ju Ae forward as his successor, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un attended a soccer game with her.

Kim Jong Un reportedly attended the game in Pyongyang on Friday to observe the country’s Day of the Shining Star holiday, which honors the birth of his father, Kim Jong Il.

Kim Ju Ae, who appears to be around 10 in photos from the occasion, is pictured seated next to her father. They smile and cheer the game as they are surrounded by top military and government figures.

Kim Jong Un And His Daughter Went To A Soccer Game
Kim Jong Un And His Daughter Went To A Soccer Game

Kim Ju Ae is standing by her father’s side at a public event for the second time in recent weeks, making this her seventh overall.

She and her parents went to a state banquet in Pyongyang earlier in February to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the nation’s army. The next day, they went to a parade to see North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles on display.

Some analysts believe Kim Jong Un is preparing her to succeed him because of her frequent public appearances and her prominent position in propaganda photos of the events.

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There is no longer any doubt that Kim Ju Ae has been selected to succeed Kim Jong Un, according to Cheong Seong-chang, a North Korean leadership analyst at the Sejong Institute in Seoul, who recently spoke with The Washington Post.

According to other observers, he might be highlighting his family’s tight ties to the military and North Korea’s nuclear program by mentioning his daughter.

Kim Yo Jong, who is thought to be a potential successor to the dictator, was also spotted at last week’s soccer game.

Here is a tweet connected to Kim Jun Un:

About Kim Jong’s family, North Korea has not disclosed anything. He is thought to have three kids, including an older son from a previous relationship with Ri Sol Ju.


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