Who is Kitty O’Neill? Is She Dead or Alive?

The Fastest Woman on Earth, The Bishop’s Wife, Back Street, Isle of Lost Men, and Kathleen Mavourney are among the movies in which Kitty O’Neill is most known for her work as a stunt performer, racer, and actress in America.

She has been dubbed the “world’s fastest woman,” and in 2019 Jessie Combs broke the record for women’s absolute land speed. Kitty O’Neill’s professional diving career was cut short as an adult due to a condition that was later determined to have contributed to her infantile hearing loss.

He was 72 years old when he passed away on November 2, 2018, having accomplished a lot in life. After four years, Google Doodle featured her on the Google Doodle page on her 77th birthday in celebration of her. This article will be about Kitty O’Neill’s Husband, Net Worth & Career.

Is Kitty O Neil Dead Or Alive? 

After a battle with pneumonia, Kitty O’Neill passed away on November 2, 2018, in Eureka, South Dakota, at the age of 72. Kitty O’Neill, who battled cancer twice in her 20s and routinely placed herself at risk as a stuntwoman, was fortunate to pass away from an illness.

Kitty O'Neill
Kitty O’Neill

Kitty O Neil Net Worth

With her work as a stuntwoman, race car driver, and extra in television movies, Kitty O’Neill has built a million-dollar fortune. A $1.2 million estimate for Kitty O’Neill’s net worth has been made.

Kitty O’Neill reportedly made about $50,000 from racing and $205,000 from performing stunts, while these sums are simply approximations.

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Kitty O Neil Career Highlights

When she was younger, Kitty O’Neill competed as a platform diver in the 10-meter range and a springboard diver in the 3-meter range. She won diving championships with the Amateur Athletic Union in various sports.

Kitty O’Neill also competed in the 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke events at the 1965 Summer Deaflympics. She apparently started water skiing, scuba diving, skydiving, and hang gliding after giving up diving.

She was called and cast in the movies after a successful career in racing and stunt work when she once again astounded everyone.

Who Is The Husband Of Kitty O Neil?

Kitty O’Neill had been wed as of November 2nd, 2018. Kitty O’Neill wed Ronald “Duffy” Hambleton in the 1970s. Kitty O’Neill’s first husband, Ronald “Duffy” Hambleton, was a bank executive who transitioned into a stunt performer. Kitty O’Neill married again after they divorced, but that union also ended in divorce.

Kitty O'Neill
Kitty O’Neill

The couple that Kitty O’Neill was with had two kids. Even though she was married, she had other connections. But we don’t know who her previous boyfriends are by name.

Kitty O’Neil Honored By Google On Her 77th Birthday

Kitty O’Neil, a well-known American stuntwoman and actress who was born deaf, was honored by Google with a doodle on the occasion of her 77th birthday. The image shows Kitty O’Neil wearing a yellow jumpsuit. She went on to become one of the most well-known stunt drivers in Hollywood.

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In honor of Kitty O’Neil’s 77th birthday, Google created a doodle of the famous actress wearing a yellow jumpsuit. She became a well-known stunt driver in Hollywood despite being deaf since she was a young child, and she held the women’s absolute land speed record until 2019.


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