All Actors And Characters Who Played Knight Agent Cast!

Based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, The Night Agent is an American action-thriller television series developed by Shawn Ryan. It debuted on Netflix on March 23, 2023, with Gabriel Basso playing the title role. In its first four days, the show became the third-most watched Netflix launching series, and a week later, a second season of the show was ordered. It quickly rose to the sixth-most watched series on the streaming service.

Characters In The Cast Of The Night Agent

The show is described as a “sophisticated, character-based, action-thriller” in the official synopsis, with the focus on a low-level FBI agent who works in the White House basement and answers a phone that never rings.

“Until the night it does, launching him into a swift-moving plot that finally takes him to the White House. All the cast characters are given below.

Kari Matchett As President Travers

President Michelle Travers, who is portrayed by Kari Matchett, ends up being the subject of the White House conspiracy idea. For agents in the field who might require support, Travers established the Night Agent program.

Knight Agent Cast
Knight Agent Cast

When the President tries to make peace with Omar Zadar, a known terrorist, The Envoy Web discloses the conspiracy that she is unwittingly a part of throughout the entire series. Her Vice President and Chief of Staff are concerned that he will take American military hardware because they fail to recognize the advantages of the partnership.

Enrique Murciano As Ben Almora

Enrique Murciano plays Ben Almora, the leader of the Secret Service. Almora controls his team with a cool, collected hand. The Vice President’s daughter Maddie is being protected by Chelsea Arrington and Erik Monks while she attends college. Almora is unaware of the conspiracy notion for most of the television show; he only learns about it after his Secret Service personnel are implicated as a result of the Vice President’s daughter.

Sarah Desjardins As Maddie Redfield

The Vice President’s daughter, Maddie Redfield, is portrayed by Sarah Desjardins. She is initially depicted as being like any other girl her age, who detested being told what to do and merely desired privacy. She was never granted the luxury of privacy, especially now that she is the Vice President’s daughter. The Secret Service agent Chelsea, who is sworn to protect Maddie and appears to be the only one who can relate to her, becomes her lone companion. She harbors animosity towards her father the entire series and may ultimately be her father’s downfall. Probably of interest to you Every Knocked Up Cast.

Phoenix Raei As Dale

Phoenix Raei portrays the hired killer. Gordon Wick employs Dale for a number of tasks, but in The Night Agent, he has him assassinate the Campbells. At the work, he travels with his partner and girlfriend Ellen as well. Although Ellen and Dale have achieved success as assassins, Ellen appears to desire to leave the life of being on the run. By allowing their niece to flee, Dale misses his opportunity to murder the entire Campbell family. His mission is to complete the assassination of the niece by any means required.

Knight Agent Cast
Knight Agent Cast

Eve Harlow As Ellen

Eve Harlow portrays Ellen, Dale’s partner. Dexerto describes Ellen as a potentially erratic killer with risky inclinations. She wants to leave the assassin’s life and stay put after their unsuccessful attempt to kill all the Campbells. To demonstrate to Dale the kind of life they could have, Ellen even persuades him to attend an open house. However, as Peter begins looking for them, their former lives come back to haunt them. You can also go for the cast of the most sought-after entertainment series The Flash Cast.

More characters who played in the night agent cast are mentioned below-

  • D.B. Woodside as Erik Monks
  • Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington
  • Hong Chau as Diane Farr
  • Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin
  • Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland

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