Who Is Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend? When Did He Start His Love Life?

Lenny Hochstein, a renowned Miami plastic surgeon, was Lisa Hochstein’s husband for the majority of the ten years she spent on The Real Housewives of Miami. Lenny’s departure from the house to start d@ting a new woman, as well as Lisa learning that he wanted a divorce, were all covered in Season 5 of RHOM, which aired in 2022 and 2023.

Lenny acknowledged his relationship with Katharina Mazepa, who is over ten years Lisa’s junior. In this article, we get to know about Lenny Hochstein’s girlfriend and when Lenny gets divorced from Lisa, stay tuned with us on this page.

Who Is Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend?

Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Is Katharina Mazepai and was romantically involved with Austrian model Katharina Mazepa whilst he was pursuing a divorce. The former Miss Vienna, now 27, relocated to Miami to advance her modeling career.

Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend
Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend

In May 2022, Lenny spoke to Us Weekly about his relationship with Mazepa. It’s true that I’m seeing Katharina, but none of this started until after the divorce was decided upon, according to Lenny. “We are going through a really tough period, and I would want some privacy so that we can better care for our children, who are everything to us,” she said.

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Mazepa participated in the reality series The Hills: New Beginnings and has an environmental engineering degree from the University of Vienna.

When Did Lenny Start D@ting Katharina?

Prior to divorcing his estranged wife, Lenny was first connected to the young model. Before allegedly “blind-siding” Lisa with divorce papers, he was seen out with Katharina. Before getting married in 2009, the former couple dated for two years after meeting in 2007.

Lenny was overheard on the fourth episode of the season implying that he was already seeing someone else by saying that he hadn’t “slept” with Lisa in a while “because then I would be cheating on who I actually care about.”

Then, Lisa disclosed that her estranged husband had a new girlfriend who had been around them and had even secretly followed her on Instagram in the subsequent episode. Lisa claimed in a PEOPLE interview that she began to have doubts about Lenny’s relationship with Katharina months before he departed.

Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend
Lenny Hochstein Girlfriend

She remembered to PEOPLE that “I once received a message out of the blue from someone saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I just spotted your husband with this woman,’ who suited her description, ‘outside of her building.'” “I called him right away to find out what was going on, but he said they were just friends and denied it. But I always had the feeling that she was up to something, and the way they interacted always gave me the creeps.

Lenny Hochstein And Lisa Hochstein Are Getting Divorced

Lisa Hochstein thought her marriage was going well before she realized her husband wanted a divorce. To celebrate the apparent status of her partnership with Lenny, she even hosted a “positive vibes” party at her house. Yet, RHOM producers discovered Lenny discussing his intention to leave Lisa on a hot mic during that party.

Lisa came to the conclusion that her marriage was over halfway through the fifth season of the show. She was addressed by Lenny and informed of his desire for a divorce behind closed doors. Lenny formally requested a divorce in May 2022, and their court case is still pending.

Katharina Mazepa Said She’s Not The Reason For Lenny And Lisa’s Divorce

Mazepa, 27, is a divorcee herself. The native of Vienna revealed to Page Six in May 2022 that she and Lenny met after they both ended their marriages.

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The truth is they’re both going through a divorce and have both been estranged from our marriages for some time. He told me Lisa was completely aware of his plans to date me, Mazepa stated. In fact, he is going to tremendous pains to defend his family and treat everyone fairly throughout this challenging process.

“We both started seeing each other after we had both separated from our spouses,” she added.

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