Good News: Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant With Her First Child

She won’t just be any mother; she’ll be a hip mother! According to ET, Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan is expecting her first child.

The actress posted a picture on Instagram to inform her followers of the news “coming soon” picture with the message, “We are fortunate and thrilled!”

According to an ET source, “Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy has caused a delay in the production of her upcoming Christmas movie for Netflix.”


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“My family and I are overjoyed, and I am over the moon with delight and joy for my daughter and her husband. We are all living in a wonderful period.”

 Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant With Her First Child
Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, also posted on Instagram about how happy he was with the news “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG! IS HER BEST ROLE SO FAR! MOMMY!!! Godspeed to both Bader and her.”


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The 36-year-old actress announced in a post on Instagram in July that she had wed financier Bader Shammas, located in Dubai.

After this happened, Lohan dubbed herself the “luckiest lady in the world” and tweeted a happy photo of herself and Shammas. She called Shamas her husband. ET received confirmation from Lohan’s representative that the couple was married. Later, she explained that she had been married since April.

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“I am the luckiest woman on the entire planet. He discovered me and understood that I wanted to achieve happiness and grace simultaneously, not because I need a man, “she put pen to paper. “That this is my husband astounds me. My entire being and my life. Every woman should experience this every day.”


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In 2021, Lohan made their engagement public by uploading photos of them kissing and displaying her magnificent engagement ring.
“Your love. my existence. my household. My future. #love @bader.shammas “She wrote the images’ captions.

Dina Lohan, Lohan’s mother, gave her approval at the time, telling ET, “I have a complete heart. Nothing is more essential to a mother than seeing her children happy and cherished. Her lovely new trip gets underway. Light and love.”

The actress tweeted a photo of herself and Shammas with her sister Aliana and other friends in February 2020, referring to Shammas as her boyfriend at the time. In a January 2019 interview with ET, Lohan discussed her d@ting situation and discussed what she was looking for in a partner.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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